There’s nothing like a soft silky mustache to make snuggling special.  Since Movember is November Mustache month its a good month for a special gift for you to help raise awareness of men’s health.

Young Yoga Masters created two FREE colouring pages to support men’s health and the movember movement.  You can download them and print them off at the link below.

Here’s what they look like:

Movember Lunge

Yoga Man, the yoga superhero cartoon, is doing the yoga lunge and it looks great with his great Movember mustache.

Movember Triangle

The cartoon frog is doing Triangle Yoga pose with a big black mustache under his nose.

Click Here to download the new Movember Yoga Colouring Page.

For the month of November, Young Yoga Masters is donating a percentage of all sales of Yoga Man to Movember!

Yoga for Boys Resources

If you’ve been teaching kids yoga and noticed that some boys are starting to think of yoga as something girls do, we have some resources for you that will show them otherwise. If you haven’t heard, there’s a new hero in town named Yoga Man. He fights the evil villain The Stressor, a nasty nemesis who tries to chip away at Yoga Man’s health in so many sneaky ways. But Yoga Man has special tools in his arsenal that help keep The Stressor at bay. That’s what the Yoga Man vs. The Stressor training is all about.

Yoga Man vs. The Stressor Kids Yoga Teacher Training Download

Yoga Man the superhero is part of the Young Yoga Masters teacher training.If you’ve been considering new resources for your kids yoga, there’s no better time than now to introduce Yoga Man to your kid and support men’s health.

Kids yoga teachers and anyone who wants to promote health for boys, who will one day become men, purchase the Yoga Man download to support the cause.

Yoga is a great tool for men’s and boys health but if you’ve known someone who has suffered from cancer, you want to have help from all sides.

Let’s make a change for men’s health this November.  You can help too.

This one’s for you Dad : )

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