Well September couldn’t be more packed with events I really wanted to be part of,  so I ended up saying Yes to them all.

If you’re ever wondering whether to jump in and be a presenter or a get a booth at a yoga festival or conference, the tip below could help you decide.

In the meantime, I’d love to shake your hand (and maybe give a hug) to anyone who comes to visit me at these:

Janet Wiliams leads a Kids Yoga Class

Janet Williams leads a kids yoga Class

  • September 21 – 22:  What I See, I Can Be Certificate in Kids Yoga (counts towards your 95 hour Certificate with Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School): registration is open for this weekend Certificate.  It is packed with resources like the award winning book, CD, Poster, colouring book, relaxation CD, yoga cards, two manuals and more!  This new weekend Certificate is getting rave reviews from those who attended last year and at the Summer Intensive.
  • September 21 – 22:  Yogapalooza – Harbourfont Centre, Toronto: while Janet Williams is teaching the kids yoga Certificate, I will be at the booth at Yogapalooza!  Graduates of our Kids Yoga Training will be helping me at the booth and teaching two Family yoga classes:  Meditation to Transform Anxious Thoughts (Saturday)  and Meditation, Listening, and Self Regulation (Sunday)
  • September 26 – 29: Sat Nam Fest – Wayenboro Penslyvania:  I’ve got a booth at this Festival because I love the Kundalini yoga and live music.  It is a great opportunity to see “Rockstar” artists like Snatam Kaur and Kundalini Yoga teachers like Gurmukh.  If anyone wants to go, you can use discount code: SNFE13WC2WA2 for a $25 discount on registration.

Business Tip – When to Do a Show and When to Pass

I’ve done a few shows now, some I’ve been thrilled with, and some I’ve regretted.

After all this time here’s my biggest tip for doing a show.

Ask yourself:  Can I afford to do it? Can I afford NOT to do it?

You can afford to get a booth if you can literally pay for it without going into debt.  A booth at a show can range from free to over a thousand dollars.  Some conferences let you volunteer for the publicity and some charge you to be a presenter (yes that’s right, they don’t pay you to get in front of their people, sometimes they want you to pay them).

Start by doing the shows that you can afford because you want to figure out what to do, how to present your material, and what people want.  All these can be answered at affordable shows, before you commit to a more expensive show.  Too many yoga teachers go into debt buying things that they can’t afford.


Kids Yoga at the Toronto Yoga Show

My newphew Aidan showing off his Yoga Man shirt at the Yoga Show.

The second question:  Can I afford NOT to do it?

This answer will tell you if your priorities are still on track.  If you can afford NOT to do it, it means you’ve examined your priorities.  If you decide to pass, you can put that time into social media, creating posters, or finishing the final exam on the training you took.

If you have a lot to do anyway, don’t drop everything else to get a booth.

Here’s to your love of yoga and your love of your business.

Leave a comment with any stories you’ve had from promoting at festivals or conferences. Did you pay, get paid, or volunteer?  Was it worth it?


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You’ll be glad you did it!

  1. Hi Steve,

    Sat Nam Fest is ALL Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Yoga Music. this will be my second time going, the last one I went to was divine : )

  2. Is the Sat Nam Fest mostly Kundalini?