In this age of computer games, we’ve got to be much more strategic to get kids attention for doing yoga!  We’ve got to draw kids in with what they like or they won’t participate.

Today, I’m featuring a new video from Young Yoga Masters that uses what kids like. Yoga Man vs. The Stressor gets kids doing the Sun Salutation and playing games. It gets kids doing yoga!

Plus this week Young Yoga Masters is giving a special earlybird discount on our New Kids Yoga Training for at-home learning. Purchase the training and you’ll have the at-home training immediately! You could be using the games and coloring pages with your kids today.

First, the video.  Kids get active with Yoga Man as he does the Sun Salutation. You’ll also see coloring pages from the new Kids Yoga Training:

The Stressor is an evil villain who appears in all different forms and zaps Yoga Man with stress.

These cool coloring pages plus 6 more Activities and 10 Games, are part of the new Yoga Man vs. The Stressor Kids Yoga Training.  Its a tested kids yoga program that you download to learn from home.  You will have the files on your computer so you can print off the pages whenever you need them for your kids and kids classes.  You could be using the games and coloring pages with your kids today.

Get Activities and Games to Teach Kids about Stress
The Training includes 10 Yoga Games that help kids understand stress.  Using play based learning, kids will discover what stress is, how to recognize it, and what to do about it.  If you have kids dealing with anxiety and stress, or who need help focusing – these games will show them the yoga way to handle it!

The video gives you a sneak peak at all the coloring pages. These pages and the complete Yoga Man vs. The Stressor Training Package is ready for you to get and use with your kids.

Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Kids Yoga Training Package

It will be one of the most affordable Kids Yoga Trainings you have ever taken!

Help kids face The Stressor and win.

Get your Yoga Man vs The Stressor – Kids Yoga Training and you could be using it today!

Get Your Kids Yoga Teacher Training

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You’ll be glad you did it!

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