transform your mood with yogaTransform Your Mood with Yoga-
We all have times when we are not quite feeling ourselves, a little unfocused, grumpy, or just plain feeling off. Maybe we start snapping at people. Or we just can’t seem to follow along with the crowd or do what we’re “supposed” to be doing.

Try this yoga pose whenever you want to get back on track to feel better about yourself and the world around you.

The Sitting Forward Bend
This is a magnificent stretch for the entire back of your body, from neck to heels. Plus the Yogis say it also does all this:

  • it lifts your spirits
  • you feel more confident
  • your focus is enhanced
  • keeps your weight balanced
  • and more

How to Do It
Sit down with your feet together. Breathe in while you stretch your arms up. Out breathe while you bend from your hips. Bring your chest as far forward as you can keeping your legs straight. Reach for your toes, ankles or shins.

Take a few relaxed breaths as you stretch forward.

To finish come up slowly and then sit crossed legged for a few breaths. Notice how great you feel afterwards.

3 Ways to Inspire Kids to Hold the Pose

  1. Sing a song or count your breaths out loud (check out my next post for a silly song that gets kid’s attention)
  2. Pretend you are on a sled ducking under a long bridge.
  3. (my favorite) Sometimes when you are holding this pose very still, breathing relaxed, a little ant (spider or frog) mistakes you for a hill and crawls up your back. When the kids are still, crawl your fingers softly up their backs. You can do it a few times with anyone who is still holding the pose.

This is a great warm-up stretch that can turn your frown upside down. Try it anytime you want to feel great.

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