Watch this Video on Kids Yoga Teacher Training for Halloween Yoga Ideas

Halloween is full of spooks and scares and gives kids yoga teachers a great opportunity for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

Here’s a short video where I show you how you can play with SEL in your kids yoga classes.


Social and Emotional Learning for Preschool Children

One of my favourite activities in preschool yoga is play-acting emotions.  It’s so much fun to act out fear, sadness, excitement, greed, happiness, suspicion, and more with children in a yoga story.  With this age the story doesn’t have to be complicated, its simply exploring emotions in a playful way and helping children discover many ways to deal with the emotions.

One of the keys is letting kids connect to the concepts they already know from yoga class.

Instead of telling them to take a deep breath, ask them, “I’m scared!  What can I do?”

Let them tell you to take a deep breath. The lesson will sink in deeply when they make these connections for themselves over and over.


Kids Yoga Teacher Training

I use both SEL and stories in our kids yoga teacher training modules.  Not because kids are supposed to learn them, but because they are fun.  The learning is the added bonus that comes with a yoga and mindfulness practice.

a boy doing yoga on a pumpkin orange yoga mat

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Have a Happy Halloween filled with Kids Yoga!

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