On Consciously Creating Your Future vs. Going with the Flow

On Consciously Creating Your Future vs. Going with the Flow

On Consciously Creating Your Future vs. Going with the Flow

One of my favourite things about the New Year is getting a new planner. I’ve ordered many different workbooks over the years to guide me through my goal setting.

I love when they arrive in the mail and I can explore all the boxes there will be to fill out. The ritual of looking back on the past years and reviewing my accomplishments and the hard lessons learned leads to honouring the last year. I feel like I can truly let it go and focus ahead. I like to use the cycle of the calendar to propel me to plan for the year ahead.

Consciously Create Your Future

Many years of my meditation practice involved journalling about what I wanted for my life. I believe that caring for yourself means examining what you value in this life, what your goals are and where you will set your direction. If you don’t choose your direction, someone else will choose it for you!

Everyone is so busy these days, there’s so much to do. It reminds me of the Greek Myth of Sisyphus, the greedy and cruel King who was punished with the task of rolling a massive boulder to the top of a hill, only to have it roll back to the bottom for him to begin rolling it up again.
Sometimes work, no matter what you do, can feel like that. Another day rolling the boulder up the hill, only to start again the next day. Repetitive!
I recently registered for Continuing Education that asks us to look at the question: Why we do what we do? It is a very spiritual question. It applies to all areas of life. Why do you do what you do?
Because there’s the work (the boulder) that needs to be rolled, and then there’s the direction we’re rolling it. This course calls this the compass that points your direction, the core principles of why you are doing what you do. It’s what you believe.

I’ve asked myself these questions before in different ways but I keep asking them to make sure I’m still heading in the right direction. Sometimes I need to change my route when I find myself straying from my core principles. Sometimes, I’ve changed my core principles of my business, especially when I’ve taken on too much and am headed too many directions.
One core principle I’ve held onto for 18 years of teaching yoga to kids is:

Go with the flow!

Yoga should be enjoyable.

I want kids to think of yoga fondly. If a child does yoga, when they grow up, I want them to look back on the experience and think “I’m always going to practice.”

Why do I enjoy yoga? Why do I want others to join the yoga community?

When I dig deeper I see it’s because yoga helped me so much, in so many ways it helps me be happier. In turn, I feel happy when I help others feel good.

There is another core principle there:

Helping Others Brings Happiness

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