Three things today…

  1. Free Kids Yoga Teacher Training Webinar Replay is now live
  2. Free Class for Kids
  3. Free Partner Yoga Tip

1. Free Kids Yoga Teacher Training Webinar Replay

Young Yoga Masters hosted a free webinar on the new Standards in Children’s Yoga.  So if you’ve been thinking of getting kids training, you may want so give this a listen.  This explains how the Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School came about:

Even though we are in the Information Age, the “Superhighway” got shut down for me when my internet cut out.  So unfortunately the questions did not get included.  But there is lots of good stuff there, especially for those interested in become a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher.


2. Free Kids Yoga Class

Kids ages 3 – 12 are invited to join us this Sunday from 2 – 5 pm for a Kids Yoga Camp in Toronto Canada.  The camp is free for kids because it is part of the Kids Yoga Teacher Training Practicum.  Children will get lots of yoga, fun  and games all under the supervision of the teacher trainers and the Faculty. The upcoming dates are here.


3. Free Kids Partner Yoga Tip

How to Match Kids in Partners

A great tip for partner yoga comes from Janet Williams of Children’s Yoga Books.  She mentioned this in the webinar above, but it was such a good tip I want to make sure you saw it because it solves a problem I have faced many times doing partner yoga with kids.  It’s the problem of matching kids up with partners.

If you let the kids match themselves it sometimes works out where everyone has a BFF (best friend forever) to parnter with.  But most of the time, there are a few kids who don’t know who to go with, or one kid who is left behind, who others don’t want to partner with, and it ends up feeling generally yucky, like they are being forced to do something they don’t want to do

Janet’s wonderful suggestion in the Webinar above is to use cards, like the Yoga Match cards, to create the partners.

The Yoga Match Cards – Great for Concentration Gama and Choosing Partners

Here’s how:

  • Pull out cards from the deck so you have pairs equal to the number of children you have in attendance (eg. for 10 children use 5 pairs).  When there is an odd number,  try a wild card, that joins the group closest to them, for a group of 3 kids.
  • Give each child a card, then tell the kids to find the children with the matching card
  • When the children find their match they do the yoga pose
  • For a follow up, each set of partners can then lead their pose to the rest of the class and everyone does that pose
  • OR collect the cards and hand them out again to get new random pairs and new poses each time

Matching new pairs becomes a fun game and not something you are making the kids do.

Thanks Janet  for the great tip!  Janet will be offering many, many wonderful tips like this in the What I See, I Can Be  Certification this weekend.


Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Last, but not least….

You are invited to come for the next Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Registered Childrens Yoga School

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Come get this new Certificate in Kids Yoga Training and leave with a rewarding weekend and tons of resources.  You’ll be glad you did!

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