A Special Announcement:

After receiving numerous requests, I’m putting out the welcome mat on a new Kids Yoga Teacher Training and I’m proud to officially launch the Young Yoga Masters, Registered Children’s Yoga School!

Give Kids the Tools of Yoga

I must confess, it is a big relief to make this announcement about expanding the training.  Trying to “do it all” in one session was getting difficult. Not to mention, it didn’t feel very yogic rushing to fit it all in. So after suspending training over the summer, Young Yoga Masters is back and better than ever before with a 95 Hour Training.

What Does Full Certification Give You that a Shorter Training Doesn’t?

Here are the new elements we’re proud to offer:

  • Internationally Recognized Certification: Meeting the standard of 95 hours means you don’t rush through your experience trying to fit everything into one session. You have time, time to cover everything you need to know about teaching children yoga.
  • Run a Class Smoothly: You’ll take home tons more resources to use in your classes. The training also now includes: yoga in the classroom, inclusive yoga, the business side of getting yoga classes, tons of new resources including yoga books, yoga cards, posters, dvd’s, and much more. Can you imagine trying to fit all this into one session?
  • Start Making a Difference by Actually Teaching Children IN THE TRAINING: You’ll be able to keep kids captivated because you’ll get experience teaching real children. 18 hours experience to be exact. When you start your own classes there will be no surprises.

If You Get Kids Yoga Training,
Don’t You Want Certification Approved by International Standards?

Not only do you get a quality training, tons of resources to take home, and two trainers to guide you, you also get a diploma from an internationally recognized Children’s Yoga School.


3 Things to Look for in Kids Yoga Teacher Training to Enhance Your Credibility:


If you are considering what to look for in Certification, I suggest you look at these standards:

  • Does it give you a Children’s Yoga Certification recognized by Yoga Alliance?
  • Does it also give you tons of experience teaching yoga to children?
  • Does it give you more time to truly explore and integrate the training or does it cram everything into a short time so you won’t remember it?

The new Young Yoga Masters training meets these standards, and more. You’re invited to take a look at program in the new Young Yoga Masters Registered Children’s Yoga School now.

Get inspired and Get Certified Training

My goals was to design this training for those who want to take their kids yoga to the next level.  You’ll be rewarded with hugs and smiles from the children you teach.  You’ll be on a career path that makes you feel like you’re doing something worthwhile, and you’ll have the Certification to advance your goals.

Take a look at our new Kids Yoga Teacher Training now! Training resumes in November.

If you have any comments or questions on Kids Yoga Certification, I would love to answer them in the comments or feel free to e-mail me.

Yours truly,


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P.S.  you’ll also see that this training is offered in Modules.  Each Module can be taken individually or as part of the full Certification.  See the details of the Modules here.

Get Your Kids Yoga Teacher Training

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Train during the temporary online provision from Yoga Alliance

*Yoga Alliance’s Online Training Provision allows for both self-paced (watching recorded training) and/or Live Zoom Training. You can choose a combination of these that works for you.

You’ll be glad you did it!