Special Update: This Contest is Closed

Congratulations to Frog Yoga Alphabet winner:  Julie G.

I’m a finalist in the Yoga Alliance Video Contest and I need your help to win!  So I want to spread the winning with a special contest.

yoga for children - bow pose

B- Bow Pose from the Frog Yoga Alphabet

Help me get more “likes” on my Video entry and not only will you have a chance to win a Frog Yoga Alphabet Digital Teacher Training package, you’ll also help bring Young Yoga Masters one step closer to California (ooh that sounds like fun!).  If you haven’t seen the Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Package, it gives you the electronic files for 26 colour yoga posters and colouring pages to print as often as you like, PLUS tons of games to play with your children (Prize Value:  $39).

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. “Like” on You Tube:  to enter this special contest watch the Transformation Through Yoga – Young Yoga Masters video (it’s under 3 minutes) and if you like the video,  press the “Like” button  on You Tube (note: you must sign into Google or You Tube to “like” a video there – sign up is free)
  2. Leave a Comment that you “Liked” Here:  make sure you come back to this post and leave me a comment to tell me something you liked about the video.  This way I’ll have all the contest entries in one place.
  3. Get Your Friends to “Like” for Additional Entries:  Ask your friends or other lovers of Children’s Yoga  to “like” the video on You Tube then leave a comment here for each friend you get to “like” the video for additional entries (both you and your friend can comment to enter).

The contest will close at 11:59 pm on September 13, 2012 and one random winner chosen from the comments on this blog post will receive the Frog Yoga Alphabet Digital Training Package!

Remember:  You Tube is the only place where “Like” matters for this contest.  Here’s the You Tube Video link:

the transformation of teaching kids yoga

"Like" this Video on You Tube to enter.

You Tube link:  http://youtu.be/vTzrLQNcVWM

Yoga Alliance has written me:  Please continue to share your video with your network as the number of likes will factor into the ultimate decision. “Likes” help and I also think the video will help more people see the benefits of bringing yoga to children.  It’s got three true stories of transformation from children.  And Likes will help give you an entry to win a Frog Yoga Alphabet Digital Teacher Training Package.

Now, you can get started by watching the video at this link.

Thank you for your help!  Good luck to everyone in the contest.


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You’ll be glad you did it!

  1. Ryan said “I liked the video because it is a positive thing for kids to do.”

  2. My friend Laura found the video interesting because she teaches in an elementary school and can relate. Last year her school had a yoga teacher and she thought the kids benefited from it.

  3. My friend Leslie says it seems to her that doing yoga puts you in that zen place, like hiking does for her. Maybe she’ll try a class with me one day:)

  4. Cassy (age 13) likes the video. She says, “i liked that it included both boys and girls of all ages not just girls of ages 20 -45.” I would have to agree with her!

    • Go Julie! Thanks for getting all these likes! And commenting separately for your entries. Good luck on Sept. 13.

  5. Jenn watched the video and said “I wish they would incorporate something like this at my kids school. I think it would help my girls”. I know of a few schools in my city already where they do have yoga teachers come into the schools regularly. In time I think this will catch on!

  6. It really makes you realize that everyone, no matter the age, needs yoga!

  7. As always, Aruna, you inspire me! Like Like Like!!!

  8. My friend Michelle liked and commented on your video, posted on YouTube, “Amazing the lifelong impact yoga can have! Great examples of how this has helped children manage what they can in their lives.”

  9. Was touched by the story of the child who learned to cope with his parents’ divorce with yoga. So many grownups could find peace by following his example!

  10. My friend Alba liked the video and when I asked her what she liked about it she said, “I liked it for 2 reasons, you can do the yoga anywhere (ouside and in the classroom) and that the boys and girls were both involved.”

  11. Liked!!

  12. Heart-felt video Santokh – clearly a labour of love!

  13. Beautiful video Santokh – it’s clearly a labour of love!

  14. I teach yoga to children here in San Antonio and it is such a blessing to be able to reach these little ones at a young age. I was fist introduced to yoga in my 20’s, how would life have been different if I learned in preschool?

  15. I teach yoga to children here in San Antonio and it is such a blessing to be able to reach these little ones at a young age.

  16. Santokh, I’m so inspired by your dedication to children. My son who did a little yoga class with you one day in our home has just graduated from Teacher Training–you have a great legacy!

  17. I just started teaching children’s yoga, your stories were inspiring. Good luck!

  18. p.s. I also shared this video link on my kids yoga facebook page.

    https://www.facebook.com/YogaKiddos good luck!


  19. What types of yoga meditation do you do with the kids to help them lessen their emotional thoughts? The kids yoga that I teach is more physical than meditational.

    Plus I’m interested in the getting to sleep technique to teach my kiddos.

    I liked your video. Good luck Ms. Kathy!

    gaileee at yahoo dottith com

  20. Way to go Aruna – way to go; thank you 4 sharing yoga’s transformative powers through the stories of the littlest yoginis

  21. I really liked your story about the 5 year old boy who used yoga meditation for coping and ‘getting rid of thoughts we don’t like’. The fact that yoga can benefit even very young children on such a deep and important level is astounding and wonderful; it gives me hope for the future of children growing up in our stress-filled world, and makes me feel even more strongly about wanting to teach children’s yoga!!

  22. Just love the fact that you were able to give such real life examples that show the ability to draw positive thoughts during stressful times. Certainly develops a landing place when crisis appear. Love it.

  23. I like how you clearly show, through your examples, that the children were able to remind themselves to use the tools you had given them to assist relaxation in certain situations outside the class. I think this is awesome! And I love how the children always look so happy doing yoga. This speaks volumes in itself! Thank you for sharing.

  24. I loved the stories in your video but what I loved the most is the smiles on the faces of all those children! I teach my daughters 3rd grade class and all 30 of the kids get so excited when I walk into the room and say “yeah! Yoga!” it melts my heart every week 🙂

  25. I enjoyed watching your video. I recently began teaching kids yoga, and it is amazing how quickly students pick up not only the physical postures, but the “essence” of yoga. It was fun and inspiring to hear about how you have seen individual students transform themselves using their yoga tools. The pictures were great. It warms my heart to see little smiling faces trying their best and learning a practice that they can take with them wherever they go and use throughout their lives. Empowering. Inspiring. Transforming. Namaste, and good luck! =D

  26. I loved the story about the mother thanking you for helping her 5 year old son deal with his parents divorce – he was doing the yoga techniques that you had taught him, in order to help him deal with difficult emotions and thoughts. Children really do feel the transformative power of yoga and remember to use these techniques when they need to turn their mental and emotion situation around. Good luck with the contest!

  27. Of course I liked your video. Teaching kids is so important! It plants the seed early to help better navigate life. I started teaching yoga to kids this year, and I am amazed by how responsive they have been. Even as young as three they are getting the lessons of yoga and bringing them off the mat. Thank you for doing the work you do! Good luck!

  28. The video has a lot of substance; it clearly explains how to fit yogic knowledge into the “language” of the school system. The ultimate goal of this is for children and young people to obtain the benefits of yoga. It is so clearly explained! I also love the testimonials that school children of different ages provide about how they use yoga to improve their lives away from the mat. Congrats Kathy!