Seven Spirals, A Chakra Sutra for Kids
by Deena Haiber and Aimee MacDonald

Seeing all those comments for the contest was exciting.   First, it shows how much kids yoga is spreading.  There were so many heart felt replies, I’m glad I’m not choosing the winner of the contest based on merit because that would have kept me up at night!

Second, it shows that the topic of this book, Chakras for Kids, connects with those of us who are into kids yoga.

One of the stories from the book that stuck with me is the Fourth Chakra story.  In it, a kid and his friends help their elderly neighbour rake the lawn then they all sit around the kitchen table together having tea and cookies. How I cherished my time hanging out with my aunts and uncles listening to stories. How I loved when we pulled out the poetry book to hear Casey at the Bat.  To imagine, as we sat around the kitchen table, getting the first TV on the block or the night all the friends sneaked into the rich neighbourhood to swim in their backyard pools.

But what I really like about the Fourth Chakra story is that the boy helps rake the leaves because he wants to help – NOT  to get tea and cookies.

The habit of bargaining doesn’t really fit in with the fourth chakra.  We break this habit when we strive to understand Love.  Making deals was a part of my growing up.   As kids, my friend and I would ask our elderly neighbour if he needed anything at the corner store. But there was always the motivation of “keep the change” that kept us asking.  We never really took the time to know him.  We probably missed out on a chance to love.

How can we break the habit of always doing things for something in return?  We break it when we do things with the joy of doing them as the reward.

When I read the Fourth Chakra  story in the kids class – I asked:  “Do you think the kids raked the leaves just to get some cookies?”  Many of the kids replied, “YES! ”  Yet, this story shows someone helping without expecting anything in return.  So if you want to teach kids about the Fourth Chakra you can follow up by asking:

What is the difference between helping a friend because you want to get cookies and helping a friend because you like to help a friend?

That will take them to the realm of the Fourth Chakra.

Aruna Humphrys
[email protected]

© K. Humphrys

P.S.  Congratulations to my random winner of the Seven Spirals book:  Michelle.  She commented, “This book sounds wonderful and I would love to share it with my daughter.”    Sounds like the perfect scenario for a beautiful bedtime story.   You can still pick up a copy of the book at Amazon or

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  2. Wow – can’t wait to get a copy of this book! A much needed resource. Just checked out pricing – much,much less expensive to go directly through rather than Amazon ($17 vs $50!). Thanks so much!

  3. Dear Aruna,

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