Building Yoga Classes in Daycares
Lets keep going with spreading kids yoga. When calling daycares or studios for market research put some thought into your first impression.

First, Try to Reach a Real Person – not their Machine
I suggest calling at a time when you can actually speak to a manager or director rather than leaving a message. See some tips about Daycare Schedules here.

Be Prepared with What You Want to Say
Big companies prepare scripts because they work, so we may as well learn from their experience. Practice what you will say in advance for a live person or an answering machine.

Ask to speak to the manager or director of the daycare.

Hello my name is ____ and I’m calling for information about ABC Daycare (use their name so they know it is not a telemarketer). If you have heard they have a good reputation or something personal about them, (eg. Jane Doe told me your daycare is well respected). I’d like to ask you some questions about the daycare. For a machine add: Please call me at my home (or cell) line (phone number).

You must first get their permission to ask them some questions for your research of daycares. You want their expertise on their career field. They will also know you are not looking for a job. Would now be a good time? Or could make a fifteen minute appointment?

People Like it When You Respect Their Time
If they can talk to you now, go to your questions and also keep an eye on the time. Don’t let it go on too long.

If you try to reach the manager one week and don’t get anyone, they may be on vacation. If by the second week you still haven’t got someone leave a brief message you have prepared in advance.

If you make an appointment, you can meet them in person at their office or over the phone. While both are useful, an in person meeting can leave a more lasting impression.

Practice Your Phone Voice
An associate of mine was surprised when someone was offended by the message she left on an answering machine. She did not use any pleasantries and defended it by saying she was not talking to a person, she was talking to a machine!

Machine’s record the message, but a person will be hearing it and deciding whether to call you back or not. You want to leave a message that makes them want to call you back. For that colleague, they didn’t want to talk to her.

As a last resort, if you don’t hear back from the message, you can send a request by e-mail. Send it directly to the person if you can get their e-mail address. Many daycares don’t have websites yet. But they usually have a listing somewhere on the Internet. You may be able to find a general e-mail address.

What is Spam?
With all the spam filters, use e-mail as a last resort. Something is considered spam if it is the same letter sent to multiple people with dubious intent, or trying to force something on people.

We will only send individually addressed and personalized e-mail, and of course the person always has the choice not to answer it. But I recommend you look into Spam regulations if you plan on sending out multiple e-mails because each area has their own regulations.

I have found that personal contact is always the best and least offensive.

For those building their business, let’s do at least 3 interviews. This will be really useful for your business market research and marketing plan. I believe it will help create much needed and appreciated kids yoga classes too.

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