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Yoga Stickers – Brave, Steady, Kind and Calm


Yoga Sticker with a Frog Meditating and the word Calm under

Crack and Peel Yoga Sticker: Calm

These stickers help motivate kids to do yoga and to learn the importance of being Calm, Brave, Steady and Kind with Yoga Stickers.

It’s amazing how little tools, like stickers, can provide an incentive for children to participate and follow the rules.  These cute yoga poses with a message are wonderful for the school, studio, or home.

Each business card size sticker can be used in a variety of ways:

6 Fun Things to do with Yoga Stickers in Kids Yoga

Get kids doing yoga and learning about the importance of being Calm, Brave, Steady and Kind with Yoga Stickers!

Try these fun ideas with the Yoga Stickers found at

Download the PDF:6 Fun Things to Do with Yoga Stickers

Yoga Sticker of a frog doing bow pose and the word Kind under

Crack and Peel Yoga Sticker: KIND

    • Lesson Themes: Calm, Brave, Steady, and Kind are the words on these stickers. They can prompt wonderful heart to heart discussions. What do these words mean to you? What yoga poses help you feel this way? What else can you do to feel this way? The stickers are like having a four week lesson plan in your pocket.
    • Space Markers: if you don’t have yoga mats for each child, you can stick the stickers on the floor, blanket or pillow (just don’t stick them on your fancy ones – they are stickers after all). This lets you move around in the Yoga poses and come back and sit on a sticker when you want to get everyone settled down.
Yoga Sticker of a frog doing tree pose with the word Steady under

Crack and Peel Yoga Sticker: Steady

    • Crafty Yoga Projects: Stickers are an easy way to decorate things like bookmarks, jars, or cans. They are already sticky which saves the mess that comes with gluing things.
    • Marvelous Motivation: Those who utilize ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) methods know that positive reinforcement can be very effective in encouraging children to follow the rules or a routine. These Stickers can provide awards and can be extremely motivating for some children. I’ve seen kids who will do an hour of yoga to get a sticker award at the end of class. They’re a nice change from reinforcing positive behavior with candy. You can also give out stickers to be saved and “cashed in” for larger prized. For instance 10 stickers can be traded up for a trip to the library, a new book, or another reward that your child will love.
    • Catch Your Kids Behaving Well: When one child helps another with their chores or homework, catch them being good and give them a KIND sticker. When you see a kid speak up against bullying, give them a BRAVE sticker. It’s a powerful way to let kids know you see these qualities and appreciate them.
Crack and Peel Yoga Sticker with a frog doing Warrior Pose and the word Brave under.

Crack and Peel Yoga Sticker: Brave

  • Give them Out for Birthdays, Halloween, Valentine’s Day Etc! It’s fun to just give the kids stickers, not as a reward, not as an exchange, not for any other reason than to give. Give them out as party favors for a Yoga Spa Day birthday party. Give them out to classmates at Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or other gift giving holidays.  Let each child choose their favorite sticker at the end of a yoga class or series.  If they want them all they can keep coming back. Whether its special occasion or not, Yoga Stickers are great treats.

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Yoga Sticker Product Description:

Each sticker is the size of a standard business card (2″ x 3.5″) printed on 60lb UV Glossy Paper with a crack and peel backing.

Four Stickers: KIND, CALM, BRAVE, and STEADY

Crack and Peel Yoga Stickers (each is 2″ x 3.5″)

Shipping from Canada, shipping time and prices vary by location.

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Help kids understand what it means to be
KIND, BRAVE, CALM, and STEADY with Yoga Stickers.
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