Character Development: Teamwork

( In my city, Toronto (Canada), school teachers have been given a monthly theme to teach in the classroom. The Toronto District School Board calls it Character Development. I went to the Yoga In My School specialist – Donna Freeman for some insight into the monthly themes. Thanks to Donna for this monthly series on Character Development.) Teamwork In Partner Yoga Teamwork the Ultimate Aim of Yoga By Donna Freeman The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj

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The Spaghetti Pot Game for Kids

the spaghetti game

Networking Game for Kids: Don’t Drop the Ball! I’ve been talking about the importance of networking for finding new kids classes. I know there are some of you who are already teaching classes or doing yoga with your kids at home. You may want to try this simple yoga game to help kids learn about networking and collaboration. One of my kids classes at the Bob Abate Community Centre took place in the same room as the Pilates class. It

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