Olympic Yoga – Archer pose

Archer Pose

  Watch Where You Aim That Arrow! Archery is said date back to the stone age (around 20,000 BC), and while most people don’t go out and hunt their food with a bow and arrow, it is alive today in sport. This year you can see it in the Olympics. The Archer Reveals the Secrets of Life Archer pose requires steadiness, focus, and strength. When you step forward on one foot, hold up your bow and pull back on your

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Does Your Class Have the Right Atmosphere?

How to Make the Most of Your Space This week it rained in Toronto so I really appreciated the indoor spaces for yoga and also for kids to play in. It was a great chance to try my classes in a different room and see the difference the space can make. In one pre-school class there are about 10 kids doing yoga in a small space. This is very tricky because kids this age are very physical and like to

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Funny Kids Yoga Story

Accidents Happen You may have noticed that my old blog post asks, “Have you ever had someone pee on your yoga mat?” Well, you guessed it – that question comes from personal experience. It happened with a group of toddlers I teach in a Montessori School. For half an hour each week we have our yoga sessions which includes all the aspects of yoga including asana, deep breathing, meditation, and relaxation. Of course all of it is kids-style yoga. If

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