Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Nanaimo, British Columbia

Become a Kids Yoga Teacher!

A Very Special Opportunity

For the first time, Young Yoga Masters is thrilled to come together with Island Kids Yoga to offer this Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School training. This special Immersion Training will take place at Bethlehem Centre over the Victoria Day Long Weekend, May 18 – 21, 2018.

You’ll earn a 26 Hour Certificate to Teach Kids Yoga based on a combination of 2 Modules of the Young Yoga Masters Training.  All hours are contact hours (so no homework!) and count towards your 95 Hour Certificate with our Yoga Alliance, Registered Children’s Yoga School.

  • 26 Hour Certificate counts towards Yoga Alliance 95 Hour Certificate,
  • Get the Frog Yoga Alphabet resources included,
  • Learn to teach Kids Ages 3 – 15 year old,
  • Learn to teach Moms and Tots Yoga, Family Yoga, and Yoga Camps,
  • Get Real Experience with over 4 Hours of practical experience teaching actual children,
  • Start teaching kids yoga right away!

Nanaimo, British Columbia

May 18-21, 2018

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A Magical Experience!

Attending Young Yoga Masters Children’s Teacher Training provided me with so many resources, exercises, music, games and more.  The manuals are so professional.  I got to participate in yoga classes with children and taught meaningful lessons and fun yoga poses. It was a magical experience for them and me.   We learned exactly how to create a safe space for children and have a lot of FUN!  I gained so much experience, it built my confidence as a teacher. The cherry on top was that the training counted towards Yoga Alliance certification.
I recommend you sign up and come to Young Yoga Masters Children’s Yoga Teacher Training. You won’t’ be disappointed!
– Charlotte Connick Mabry, Registered Yoga Teacher, Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher. Retired Professor
Charlotte Mabry - Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Kids Yoga Teacher

Here’s the breakdown of Hours in the 26 Hour Certificate:

Yoga Literacy resources featuring the Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Toolkit (16 Hours)

Kids Yoga teacher training resources included in training in Nanaimo British Columbia

All these Resources (and more) are included in your registration at the Nanaimo Training

  • Yoga Alphabet Flash Cards,
  • Yoga Alphabet Big Colour Book
  • Yoga Alphabet Colour Poster in English
  • Yoga Alphabet Colour Poster in French
  • 20 Pack of Yoga Stickers
  • Yoga Alphabet Colouring Pages and Teacher Instructions in print and PDF format: You’ll take an in-depth look at alignment in kid’s yoga so you teach yoga safely and properly which prevents yoga injuries. With the 5 Point Check List you’ll learn the principles of alignment for teaching yoga, principles that transfer to all yoga poses.
  • Games and Activities using the alphabet, word games with Yoga, and storytelling with Yoga for ages 3 – 15 years old and how to use them in your Lesson Plans

Branching Out with Family Yoga, Moms & Tots Yoga, and Kids Camps (5.5 hours)

  • Adult and Child Yoga (Mom’s and Tots Yoga): How to teach and sample Lesson Plans including yoga poses, games, and meditations
  • Family Yoga: How to teach and sample Lesson Plans including yoga poses, games, and meditations
  • Yoga Camp: Sample Schedules of day long Yoga Camps
  • Creating boundaries in yoga classes to build mutual respect and manage disruptions

Practicum Teaching in Kids Yoga Classes (4.5 hours)

  • You’ll observe your lead trainer, Aruna, who has been teaching yoga since 1998 as she leads a yoga class using the Frog Yoga Alphabet. Then you will be given specific games and activities from the Frog Yoga Alphabet and Branching Out materials to practice teach, under the supervision of the trainer, during the Kids Yoga Classes. Participants will observe and support each other teaching during the Yoga Camp.
  • Post Training Support: You’ll gain access to the private Facebook Group for Young Yoga Masters teachers as well as the ongoing support of our monthly Newsletter delivered to your inbox after the training. Those interested can continue on with further training to receive their 95 Hour Certificate as required by Yoga Alliance.
Kids Yoga Teaching Graduates

Become a Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher with Young Yoga Masters

 register for kids yoga teacher training
“I’m a supply teacher and it’s given me that edge and separating me from the pack. As a result gym teachers call me to work for them. Teachers call me again because I’ve implemented games and it’s been very successful.”
– Sandra, Young Yoga Masters Graduate
Nanaimo, BC

May 18-21, 2018

Get Your 26 Hour Certificate in One Weekend!

Course Hours

The training begins Friday afternoon with a Family Yoga Class. Young Yoga Masters takes the utmost care to ensure that your training meets the Yoga Alliance Standards.

Friday, May 18 (4 hours)

  • Practicum: 4 – 5:30 pm Kids Yoga Class
  • Dinner 5:30 – 6:30 pm
  • Training 6:30 – 9 pm

Saturday, May 19 (9 hours)

  • Breakfast: 8 – 8:45 am
  • Training: 9 am – 12 pm
  • Lunch: 12 – 1 pm
  • Training: 1 – 5:30 pm
  • Dinner: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
  • Practicum: 6:30 – 8 pm: Kids Yoga Class

Sunday, May 20 (9 hours)

  • Breakfast: 8 – 8:45 am
  • Training: 9 am – 12 pm
  • Lunch: 12 – 1 pm
  • Training: 1 – 5:30 pm
  • Dinner: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
  • Practicum: 6:30 – 8 pm: Family/Kids Yoga Class

Monday, May 21 (4 hours)

  • Breakfast: 8 – 8:45 am
  • Training: 9 – 12 pm
  • Graduation Lunch: 12 – 1 pm

The course takes place at Bethlehem Centre in Beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia.  Participants can stay onsite at the Retreat Centre or commute into the training.  The choice is yours!


It’s Worth the Visit to Nanaimo, BC

The training will take place  in Nanaimo BC at the Bethlehem Centre.  Nestled among tall trees on Vancouver Island, the Bethlehem Centre is a small, all-inclusive conference facility focused on spirituality and leadership. The Bethlehem Centre looks out over the serenity of Westwood Lake and sits against the backdrop of Mt. Benson.

Situated on 7 acres of wooded parkland, the Bethlehem Centre offers a beautiful, peaceful environment, with 37 “cottage-at-the-lake” style rooms and full meal service.  It makes a uniquely powerful, effective and tranquil training experience.


Overnight accommodations and meals are available to book for those wishing to stay at the Bethlehem Centre. See Details of the Rates and Accommodations Here.

Bethlehem Centre main building

Bethlehem Centre main building

Bethlehem Centre participants circle

Bethlehem Centre participants circle

Lake Westwood

Bethlehem Centre is nestled beside Lake Westwood

Beach at Westwood Lake

Beach at Lake Westwood


“I found this training absolutely fabulous. I feel completely comfortable teaching every age group…Absolutely I would recommend this course to anyone.”
– Melissa, Young Yoga Masters Graduate

Who This Training is For:

  • Adult Yoga Teachers looking for Kids Yoga Teaching materials, resources and certification
  • Beginning Kids Yoga Teachers looking for guidance and practical experience teaching kids
  • Established Kids Yoga Teachers looking to get Certified with Yoga Alliance
  • School teachers looking to add Yoga or Literacy sessions to their classrooms and curriculum
  • Day Care instructors looking to add Kids Yoga to their daily or weekly programs
  • Parents looking for fun, educational Yoga ideas for their kids
  • Plus, anyone else who works with children and wants to empower them with yoga

register for kids yoga teacher training

Meet Your Instructor – Aruna Kathy Humphrys – The Founder of Young Yoga Masters

Aruna is an internationally recognized expert in teaching kids yoga and a sought after speaker and trainer around the world and locally in Ontario, Canada.  She is the author of the online kids yoga teacher training programs  The Frog Yoga Alphabet Games and Manual, Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga for Boys Games for Stress Reduction, founder of Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Teacher Training and co-founder of Ambassador Yoga 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training.  Aruna is read by thousands of new and experienced yoga teachers through the Young Yoga Masters blog.

Aruna has been teaching kids yoga for 20 years including one local Montessori School where she has been teaching since 2000. She has taught adult/child yoga and children’s yoga at a community center for 12 years.  She led weekly after school classes in the pre-school, kinder, junior, and senior school age rooms at a daycare for 10 years.  Aruna has also taught family yoga, kids camps, and children’s yoga class at a variety of yoga studios, schools, and yoga conferences in Canada and the United States.

“I have earned back more than the tuition!”

After taking only one of the modules, I felt confident enough to approach schools to start teaching. I was teaching children after only one weekend of training. Eight months later, by my last module of training, I have taught over 150 kids yoga classes in daycare centers and have been paid for my teaching. I have already earned back more the tuition for the Certification.

– Z.J. Young Yoga Masters Graduate

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Early Rate Until May 11th

  • 26 Hours of kids yoga training
  • Training Manuals
  • Yoga Alphabet Teacher Toolkit
  • Kids Yoga Practice Teaching
  • Yoga Alliance Certified Training
  • Post training support

Accommodations/Meals also available

Have Questions?

Seeing you successfully graduate as a kids yoga teacher is our mission as a Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School. We care about your success! This program is filled with activities, games, and tons of practical experience for you to teach yoga to children.

Course Cancellation Policy:

Young Yoga Masters reserves the right to cancel this course due to lack of enrollment by the end of the Super Early Registration Deadline of April 7, 2018.  A full refund for registration will be given in the event of a course cancellation by Young Yoga Masters or the course hosts. Young Yoga Masters is not responsible for any other associated costs (airline, hotel, etc) due to course cancellations. Please confirm that your course is running before booking flights and hotels. For information on registration progress for the Nanaimo Training call: 1-416-944-2888 or email:


Why Register with Young Yoga Masters?

Take a Training that Gives You the Confidence that Comes from Actually Teaching Yoga to Children

Yoga Alliance has stringent guidelines that requires a Kids Yoga Teacher Training to include actually teaching real kids. It makes sense to us! The Young Yoga Masters Kids Yoga Camp will give you the experience you need teaching children to go out and start teaching right away! Here’s how one recent graduate used the training to start a new career.

A Fulfilling Career and A Bond With My Own Children That I Wouldn’t Trade for Anything…

After taking one modules with the Kids Camp practicum, I felt confident to approach daycares. With my background in marketing I was teaching children after only one training. By the end of the training, I have taught over 150 kids yoga classes. This training was a good investment. I have already earned back my investment in the course and more. I was searching for a more fulfilling career and Young Yoga Masters Training has given me that, but has also given me a bond with my own children that I wouldn’t trade for anything. – Zaheeda Jiwan, Graduate Young Yoga Masters, 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Kids Yoga Teacher Certificataion in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and also New Orleans, Nanimo BC and elsewhere.Register early to Save!


Upcoming Courses and Training Dates

Get Certified. Become a Kids Yoga Teacher!
You can take as many Certificates (Modules) as you wish, in any order. Complete all Certificates to get your 95 Hour Certificate with our Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga School.

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