Kids Yoga Teacher Training and Certification

My Amazing Body Certificate

(Formerly Ages and Stages Certificate)

Kids Anatomy and Teaching Anatomy to Kids

About the Certificate:

This Certificate is focused on teaching adults about anatomy and how to teach anatomy to kids in a fun and kid-friendly way. Participants receive the comprehensive “My Amazing Body: Children’s Yoga Teacher Training” Manual.

  • Learn How to Teach Children About The Amazing Human Body: Including their Body, Mind and Spirit and how to make it fun.
  • Learn Creative Ways to Teach Anatomy in Your Kid’s Yoga Lessons: Including how to teach kids about bones, muscles, joints, and organs.
  • Discover How to Teach Children about the Mind: Including how to teach kids about their Brain, Emotions and their Nervous System.
  • Learn How to Teach Children About the Spirit: Discover how to use props to teach children about their Energy, Meditation, Mandalas and the Chakra System.
  • Learn How a Child’s Mind and Body are Developing: And how this impacts their ability levels.
  • Understanding Stress and Vitality: Discover how to talk to kids about stresses they face and how it relates to them and their body, mind and spirit.
  • Discover the Importance of Rest & Relaxation for Children Ages 2 – 15: Learn how to teach children relaxation techniques to counterbalance the stresses they face.
  • Develop Your Confidence Teaching Kids Yoga in the Yoga Camp Practicum: Three hours of yoga classes with children where you will observe Janet or Aruna teaching the kids, then you have the opportunity to teach with your colleagues from the assigned curriculum. You will be guided throughout the classes to give everyone a beautiful experience of Kids Yoga.
  • And much more….

kids and adults doing yoga and learning the anatomy of the body

Course Includes:

You will receive the comprehensive My Amazing Body: Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Manual as well as other helpful resources and props to explain how the body works and keep kids fascinated with energy and anatomy.

My Amazing Body Certificate contains Everything You Need To:

  • Feel comfortable teaching yoga and anatomy in your lesson plans for school, home, youth program or the yoga studio.
  • Learn the essential physical anatomy as it relates to children as they grow and change.
  • Interactive approaches for teaching anatomy to children.
  • Learn techniques to teach bodily systems and organs to children of all age categories.
  • Discover how to teach children of all age categories about stress and how to manage and release it.
  • Learn about the chakras and how to teach them to children.
  • Understand how a child’s mind and body are developing and how this impacts their yoga activities.

Watch this video of the Energy Ball – Just One of the Cool Resources You will Get in the Training

Janet is an Inspiring Teacher

After participating in the Interactive Yoga Presentation with Janet Williams, I feel motivated to do yoga myself! I am delighted with the child-teacher friendly language, the excellent connections to nature, and the fun poses! Janet is an inspiring teacher and a great motivator. Her passion is contagious.

– Julia Cusimano, Student Teacher enrolled in Nipissing’s Faculty of Education Teacher College Program

A drawing of a human body with a brain made of macaroni and muscles and bones glued on.

My Amazing Body – Kids Yoga Teacher Training

My Amazing Body Certificate

Become a Children’s Yoga Teacher

My Amazing Body Certificate (formerly Ages and Stages) is part of the Young Yoga Masters Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification,

a Registered Children’s Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.

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(Certificates can be taken alone or with the 95 hour Certification)

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Yoga is Fun!

Yoga is fun to do because you can almost do any yoga pose you want. Yoga is fun to do because Janet is the best yoga teacher in the world.

– Cameron, Age 8, from Canada


Fun and Interactive Kids Yoga Teacher Training

The My Amazing Body Certificate can be taken alone or as a part of the Young Yoga Masters 95 Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification.

How to Register

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  • Six Modules Full Certification: $2100+tax=$2373.00

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My Amazing Body Certificate

Become a Children’s Yoga Teacher

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Certification Rates:

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One Module

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95 Hour Certification

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  • Option to pay in $1050 installments + tax
  • Certificates for each module completed
  • 95 Hour Certificate after 6 modules completed

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