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5 Sure-Fire Kids Yoga Exercises

Five Kids Favorites Simply put, there are some yoga poses that the kids ask for and some that they don’t. Surprisingly, a lot of the favorites are warm-up poses that get the circulation going after a long day of sitting at a desk. These are what I get the most requests for in yoga class: Washing Machine: This is a great Kundalini Yoga warm-up that kids love because it is active and fun! In easy pose put your hands on

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Getting the Jar Open

  How Beautiful is the Opening “We are containers of Love and our only purpose of life is to love and pour out love.” Tulshi Sen’s Morning Talk: A Story About the Jar of Love Occasionally a class can feel like a struggle. In retrospect, I see I’m like a jar closed tight that I can’t get open to enjoy the good stuff inside it. Nothing can penetrate. My favorite way to teach is to be open with the class.

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