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Getting the Jar Open

How Beautiful is the Opening “We are containers of Love and our only purpose of life is to love and pour out love.” Tulshi Sen’s Morning Talk: A Story About the Jar of Love Occasionally a class can feel like a struggle. In retrospect, I see I’m like a jar closed tight that I can’t get open to enjoy the good stuff inside it. Nothing can penetrate. My favorite way to teach is to be open with the class. When

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Sitting Under the Wish Fulfilling Tree

Ancient Secrets/Modern TermsWith all the talk about The Secret, the Law of Attraction, Oprah’s book club and everything else, I’m reminded of an Ancient Story that my teacher told me that basically says the same thing. I tell it in my children’s yoga classes regularly. It’s the story of The Wish Fulfilling Tree which explains How to Guard the Self-Sabotaging Mind. In brief, the story tells of a poor farmer who sits under a tree for shade only to discover

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Oneness: Serious or Fun?

What is YOUR Inner Teacher Like? One of the reason’s I love teaching children yoga is to see the way kids understand the great notions we ponder in meditation, especially compared to adults. For instance we’ll talk about the idea of Intuition – the inner teacher, the wisdom within. Both adults and children love this but when adults hear about it they get all profound and deep about connecting with their teacher inside, they take it really seriously. When I

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Teaching My First Yoga Class for Children

I am forever grateful for my first yoga for kids class for showing me what I needed to learn and giving me a challenge to overcome. Here’s the not so pretty story of teaching my first yoga class to children.

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