Question from A Reader: On Blogging

readers wonder about blogging

Question: I was wondering if you could share your experience, how did you get into blogging and reviewing DVDs? I have my own fitness business and I want to start a fitness article & product review blog. I just don’t know where to begin 🙂 How did you find companies willing to send you their products to review? Thanks in advance for your time 🙂 Pam Nixon How To Start Blogging Answer: I think there are many others who would

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Does Your Class Have the Right Atmosphere?

How to Make the Most of Your Space This week it rained in Toronto so I really appreciated the indoor spaces for yoga and also for kids to play in. It was a great chance to try my classes in a different room and see the difference the space can make. In one pre-school class there are about 10 kids doing yoga in a small space. This is very tricky because kids this age are very physical and like to

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Teaching Pre-Schoolers

Hopping for Joy Someone asked me in an e-mail about tips to teach young kids in daycare. I’ve been teaching in daycare for a number of years and it is a great place to have classes. The kids are already there – so you don’t have to do any registration. Also you have the support of the teachers who can help with classroom management. And it is a way to teach more daytime classes instead of weekends and evening. Plus,

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