Thursday Night Yoga Night Kundalini Yoga spin off class online

Give your spirits a lift with this invigorating, active yoga class online.

Thursday Night, Yoga Night: Yoga Class for Adults

Thursday’s, 6 – 7:30 pm

UPDATE:  During the COVID-19 Outbreak, the class will be online using Zoom.

Each class is suited for a beginner to intermediate workout:

  • check-in and minor tech support to help you get set-up so you can see the class and if you want, we can see you too,
  • warm-up to get the circulation going and the muscles, joints, and skin warm,
  • a kundalini yoga style kriya to move the body, each week has a different focus to provide a lot of variety in each class.  Modifications are provided for all levels of students.
  • a short breathing activity is included in each class,
  • we have been exploring different meditations each week, usually 11 minutes. See the Thursday Night Yoga Playlist on Spotify below for you to listen to in the background at your own home.

We’ll be doing everything we can to help each other realize our own strength and inner beauty!

Please see our response to the misconduct of Yogi Bhajan below.

Register here:

Pay what you can to support yourself and your yoga teacher:

  • Individual Drop-In Class: $18 + tax = $20.34
  • 5 Class Pass – Loss of Income Rate: $5 + tax = $5.65
  • 5 Class Pass – Semi-employed: $30 + tax = $33.90
  • 5 Class Pass – Regular Rate: $60 + tax = $67.80

If possible, send e-transfer to [email protected]

or by credit card:

Pay what you can to support yourself and your yoga teacher:
Name of Participant
E-mail for Zoom info:

Join the Yoga Class:

  • Yoga Class Zoom Meeting ID:  913 5118 6042
  • Once your registration is received the meeting password will be emailed to you.

If you are having any problems e-mail [email protected] or call Aruna at 416-944-  2888

Make a commitment to connect with your soul and watch how your world responds.

Like the geese who migrate in formation,
it is much easier traveling together.

Please e-mail for exact address. Info @ YoungYogaMasters. com


Misconduct of Yogi Bhajan Response:

The recent report from An Olive Branch indicates that it is more likely than not, that Yogi Bhajan conducted abusive and sexual misconduct.  Further revelations into Yogi Bhajan’s lineage and training, bring into question the validity of many of the practices, kriyas and meditations in Kundalini Yoga.

I stand in support of the victims of abuse and in support of those who are striving to advance our yoga practice with sound evidence-based practices.

For these reasons, moving forward I will be adapting the kriyas and meditations to be more in alignment with peer-reviewed research on yoga.  This means that there will be some kundalini yoga style “moves” in the classes, but they will not be taught as a sacred practice. The kriyas will be changed.

People will be encouraged to find the best modification for themselves and to connect with their own wisdom to create their own practice rather than feeling they must followed a system prescribed by someone who, it turns out, was extremely unethical.

We will continue to chant Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo at the beginning of class and sing the Long Time Sun Song at the end of class until we decide to change it.

At this time we all agree that this part of the practice does not trigger our group to invoke Yogi Bhajan. For our situation, it connects us to our own practice.  This may change.

If you would like to give input on the future structure of the classes please contact me at: [email protected]

Thank you.

Santokh Kathy Humphrys (Aruna)

Chai Recipe:

  • 2 quarts of water
  • 11 cloves
  • 22 whole black peppercorns
  • 3 sticks of cinnamon
  • 22 cardamom whole cardamom pods – crack the pods open using a mortar and pestle
  • 1 thumb size piece of ginger, slices (the smaller you slice it, the stronger the ginger taste will be)
  • *Optional – add a black tea bag to steep for 3-5 minutes in the tea
  • choice of milk
  • 1 tsp maple syrup.

Boil water and add spices, simmer for 20-30 mins on a low boil, with the lid ajar on the pot, so all the water doesn’t boil away! Serve hot with your choice of milk and maple syrup.

Santokh (Aruna) Kathy Humphrys has been teaching this Kundalini Yoga class in Toronto for over 20 years. Her classes have evolved to become an updated version of the practice that allows students to modify poses and durations to suit the student’s needs and to connect to their inner teacher.  This is a friendly environment.  Classes feature warm-ups, Kundalini Yoga kriya, deep relaxation, and powerful mediation teaching you powerful yoga technology for a strong body, happy mind, and joyous spirit.

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