Times are busy so here are 5 quick tools for kids yoga teachers:

Kids Yoga Tool #1: Updated Free Yoga Alphabet to Learn Names for Back to School

Yoga Alphabet Poster for Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Young Yoga Masters free download

Get this free Alphabet Poster by clicking on the Poster above or the link – no strings attached.

I updated the Free PDF of our Yoga Alphabet Poster, changing the Letter U to Umbrella (and pose Reverse Table Top).  It used to be Shoulder Stand (U for Upside Down), but some schools don’t allow Shoulder Stand Pose.

This printable poster is really helpful to learn the kid’s names in a new classroom.

Do the first letter of each child’s name and you’ve got yourself a kid’s yoga class!

Kids Yoga Tool #2: Racial Equity Resource

Because everyone has a responsibility to educate themselves and the children in their lives to stop racism.  This website has very valuable resources including these Social Justice Standards


Free kids yoga teacher training workshop and check-in

Kids Yoga Tool #3:  Free:  Kids Yoga Teacher Training Workshop and Check-In

We meet online for a free kids’ yoga teacher training with an activity from the Young Yoga Masters’ manuals for you to play and teach!  You’ll also get your kids’ yoga questions answered with Lead Trainer, Aruna, who has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.

Then meet other kids’ yoga enthusiasts in the small group activity.

It’s all online through Zoom.

This free check-in is for:

  • anyone interested in enhancing their kids’ yoga skills.
  • those taking the Young Yoga Masters training,
  • and graduates of the training,

It’s a chance to connect with old friends and meet new people who are into yoga and mindfulness for children.

Registration is now open for the free Training at the link below.

You can also watch the replay of last month’s check-in there too.


Kids Yoga Tool #4: How to Meditate in Stressful Times

“Meditation is an important part of getting nourishment as human beings.”
– Parampreet Singh, Meditations Questions

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting my husband, you can hear the insights he shares from 40 years of meditation practice on his podcast: Meditation Questions.  Here is one of my favourites about How to Meditate in Stressful Times.


Kids Yoga Tool #5: Create a Sales Page that Sells!

I signed up for a course with my remote business mentor called Sales Star Masterclass.  I like this trainer, she swears like a trucker, but amuses me to no end, and helps me stay on task to complete my goals. These are affiliate links, and I also paid for these courses myself and am currently taking the Sales course to help me review my sales pages. I have also paid to take:

If you need help in any of these departments, I recommend these courses because they are reasonably priced, helpful, and I find them enjoyable to get through (unlike other courses I have paid for that are too dry/boring to get through). Check them out to see if this is for you.


That’s it for the tips and tools for this month.




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