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National Kids Yoga Conference 2016 – Join Me (and preview of my workshop)

Did you know there is a National Kids Yoga Conference?  Today I’m back to blogging with a sneak preview of my Conference workshop: Advanced Business Planning for a Sustainable Kids Yoga Business and more information on this exclusive event with many of the world’s top kids yoga teachers.

A friendly reminder that this year’s tickets for the Kids Yoga Conference, Sept. 30-Oct. 2/16  in Washington DC are on sale at the early rate only until September 12th, then the price goes up.  If you register using the code “youngyogamasters” you get an extra 10% off!*    At the Conference, you’ll learn from world renowned speakers including John Ratey, MD (author of Spark and Go Wild), Molly Barker (Founder of Girls on the Run,) and so many pioneers of Kids Yoga, teachers and trainers whose kids Yoga books fill my shelves. It is so much fun meeting all these folks in person!

The Kids Yoga Conference will be an incredible weekend of learning with keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities – I would love to see you there if you can make it. If Kids Yoga is an important part of your life, you’ll be glad you attended.  Get the Early Rate and 10% Discount here.



National Kids Yoga Conference - Join Me Sept. 30 - Oct. 2 in Washington DC

National Kids Yoga Conference – Join Me Sept. 30 – Oct. 2 in Washington DC

Not only will I be attending all the great workshops, I feel honoured to be leading a 3 Hour Workshop with my Ambassador Yoga co-founder and Lead  Teacher Trainer, Claire Matthews, who runs two studios at Yoga TrulyHere’s the description for our workshop:

Advanced Business Planning for a Sustainable Kids Yoga Business

You’ve been teaching kids’ yoga and its working. Now what?

Come join a candid conversation with two teachers with sustainable yoga businesses, Aruna (since 1998) and Claire (since 2006). Using real examples, they’ll share what has worked and not worked as children’s yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainers (Children and Adult), studio owner/directors, and course and product developers (live and online).

Then you’ll be expertly guided through a strategic visioning session to see opportunities to specialize, grow, and collaborate. You’ll tap into your strengths, use client feedback, and find flexibility to pivot in directions that create a successful, sustainable business.

Claire and I decided on this topic because of the work we are doing on Ambassador Yoga which helps Yoga Teachers run successful 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training courses.  We’ll be sharing our experience diving into yoga as a practice, a lifestyle, and a business.

Kids Yoga – Advanced Business Tip from Our Workshop

Since not all of you will be able to make the Conference here’s a sneak preview, a valuable tip I’ve learned over my years building a business as a Kids Yoga Teacher:

Tip On Yoga Product Development:

When I first thought of growing my business I thought of creating products.  There were so many products that weren’t on the market that would be great for kids yoga teachers.  What I didn’t fully understand was how a product becomes a liability until it is sold.  I learned about this through experience, I’m talking about boxes of product in a storage locker, then in a recycle bin, because of a flaw in the product. Here’s what happened:

A meditation group I belonged to wanted to self-publish a book and I was on the committee responsible for editing and review.  The book contained four main meditations for the modern age so we thought we were being clever by putting “4 Today’s World” in the title. We were all so close to the project, we had tunnel vision and we couldn’t see how the title would be read by a potential customer.  So when the book came out it sold to the members of the meditation group but when people outside the group saw it, they were confused by the number “4” in the title. We knew the number referred to the 4 main meditations, but the way we laid out the cover, others thought it was the 4th book in a series.  Customers kept asking if they needed to read the first three books before they would understand this 4th one.

We knew a reprint was necessary. When it comes to product design, it’s better to be clear than clever.  So after paying for printing and storage, half the original run of books ended up getting tossed.

Luckily the group leader knew enough to make a small run the first time.  It is very tempting to do a big run when you self publish because you get the best price.  I’m talking a price drop from $5 to $2.50 or more for larger quantities. But you never know if your product is going to be a hit until you put it out there and you risk going into a big financial hole with your product if you do a big initial run.  But it’s tempting to do big first run because of the time and energy you’ve already put into developing the product.

Even though the per book price is higher, printing 1000 books at a cost of $5 each for a total of $5000 will save you money compared to printing 5000 books at at cost of $2.50 each for a total of $12,500.  Especially if you max out your network sales for the initial run which gives you revenue for printing the second run. Also it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find mistakes that need to be corrected or edits that need to be made after the first printing. And let’s not forget if you self publish but don’t have a free place to keep your product, all your profits can go into a storage locker rental!

Product development has so many hidden challenges, editing, printing, re-printing, and then the biggest job is selling the product.  I don’t recommend you sink a lot of time or money into a product until you explore them all.

This is just one of the tips we’ll touch on our workshop at the Kids Yoga Conference in 3 weeks time.

Join Me at the Kids Yoga Conference:

I’m excited to be going to the conference to meet others who are as into kids yoga as I am!  Sometimes when you start teaching a lot you can lose your community, and this event is all about community.  The people there get what its like to teach yoga to kids!

Find your tribe:  The National Kids Yoga Conference brings together of community of people who know what it means to teach yoga to children.

Find your tribe: The National Kids Yoga Conference brings together of community of people who know what it means to teach yoga to children.

See the full schedule of classes at the Kids Yoga Conference Here

Register Here to Get 10% off with discount code: “youngyogamasters”

I Hope to See You There!

* Full Disclosure:  YoKid has given us a 10% OFF Discount Code because we are in a contest to win a free hotel room for whoever can get the most sign ups.  We do not get a commission from sales but just really believe in this conference and building community we fully support it.

P.S.  If you contacted me about attending the Conference, there are some people I know who want to share a hotel room.  So let me know if you are still attending ASAP.  Send me an email to:

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