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Announcing: Young Yoga Masters at National Kids Yoga Conference


Young Yoga Masters will be attending and presenting at the Kids Yoga Conference in Washington DC this September. I talked to Aruna about why she attends, and she shared these five reasons why she makes the trip to DC:

  1. Professional and Business Development: As a yoga teacher who has made kids yoga their profession, I want to know what’s happening in my field. I learn about (and do some shopping for) new props and tools. I get professional development on best practices and stay up-to-date with trends and new research. I look at conference attendance as an important investment in the development of my business.
  2. Prevention: Possibly more important than seeing what’s working, I go to find out what isn’t working. The organizers facilitate a beautifully supportive environment in which people share their successes, but are also comfortable revealing the trouble they are having and how they are dealing with it. I save myself from a lot of difficulties with this info.
  3. Research: You find out about the latest research and best practices directly from experts in the field.
  4. Passion for Kids Yoga: A Kids Yoga Conference was something I wanted for a long time, but didn’t want to organize. I’m so grateful YoKid has taken the initiative to organize this conference. They’ve done an amazing job with organizing the event and getting industry leaders to attend. As someone who is passionate about kids yoga, I want the event to succeed and I hope it is one of many important steps in getting Kids Yoga on the map. Attending is like voting with dollars and energy. If people don’t attend, it won’t exist for long. It’s up to us.
  5. Fun! I block off the weekend as soon as the dates are announced because I want to meet my favorite authors, thought leaders, and catch up with many of our grads who will also attend! I’m in awe all weekend, walking around and recognizing all kinds of people I’ve followed online. They’re my tribe; they understand me and my lifestyle, and this sort of company is extremely comforting and exciting. I also love being a student, and seeing what teachers have planned for me over the weekend. I think if every teacher remains a learner the world will be a smarter place.

Now Aruna is asking for help from you with YoKids’ challenge to get people to register early. They’ve given us a 10% OFF Discount Code: YoungYogaMasters and asked us to encourage you to commit and register early. You get 10% OFF and though we don’t get a commission, we believe in this event and want to win a prize for most sign ups in May.

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There’s a group of people going from Canada, if you want to share a room or a ride, register early and let us know ASAP!


Here are the full details for the weekend:

National Kids Yoga Conference, Sept. 30 – Oct. 2/16

Taking place in Washington, DC from September 30th – October 2nd at the Catholic University of America, the National Kids Yoga Conference brings together a diverse group of yoga enthusiasts from across the continent.

The conference offers five “tracks” or featured topics for adults:

  • Master Class
  • Business
  • Tools
  • Research
  • School

There’s also a track for teens (ages 13-17) who want to connect with like-minded peers, even offering a limited number of scholarships, the application for which can be found on their website.

We hope to see you there!

For more information, contact or visit the National Kids Yoga Conference website.

  1. Thanks Katie for this interview on Aruna’s comments on attending the 2016 National Kids Yoga Conference in Washington, DC. I attended the first conference and missed the one last year due to family obligations; BUT I can’t wait to attend this year. I have made all of my arrangements and plan on seeing all of you guys there. So everybody lets get on the Kids Yoga Train to DC for our annual conference! More Love, Sat Nam and Namaste too. Charlotte Connick Mabry RCYT of New Orleans, LA Wild Lotus Yoga Studio

    PS. Aurna is coming July 7-17th to New Orleans Wild Lotus Yoga Studio to give the 95 hour Yoga Alliance Young Yoga Masters certification to become a Kids Yoga Teacher!! Sign up now. You guys will be in for an awesome treat of excellent programming from Aruna and her team; AND of course experience our wonderful loving city of New Orleans. New Orleans voted in the top 10 cities to practice yoga!! Come practice and learn with Aruna Humphries and YOUNG YOGA MASTERS!!

    • Thanks Charlotte! I’m so happy to be coming to New Orleans and to get to know that great city every year. The kids yoga training will be a special one this year with the practicum classes we have in the local school and the two Wild Lotus Studios. People will feel so confident after! Here are the details:

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