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Winter Solstice Giveaway

Today is Winter Solstice so lets celebrate that darkness is removed by an increasing light.

Making a Sun in Yoga Socks

Making a Sun in Yoga Socks

Solstice became a special time for me back in 1995 when I wandered into my first yoga class at the YMCA. I loved it and signed up for a yoga retreat called Summer Solstice in New Mexico the same year.  That was how I discovered I was doing Kundalini Yoga.

Solstice was a big deal in the Kundalini crowd. Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, would advise:

“Revolve your life around Summer and Winter Solstice,
and everything else will be taken care of.”

– Yogi Bhajan

At first I thought it meant go to the summer and winter retreats. Then as I began to study more about yoga and meditation, I began to understand that the sun represents our consciousness.  Honoring the Solstice becomes a time to celebrate the light of consciousness chasing away the darkness.

Teaching children about the Solstice is a special way to connect kids to yoga and nature.

However you celebrate, whether its is Solstice, Christmas, Chanukah, or any other celebrations of this time, gather with friends and loved ones. Share the light and warmth of love during this cold month.

Winter Solstice Yoga Giveaway – Now closed

When I was approached by Toe Talk to become an Ambassador for their cool yoga socks, I lunged at the opportunity.  Why?  No, they are not paying me, but they are giving me 7 pairs of socks to give away to whomever I choose.  So I’ve chosen to give them away to 7 different readers of the blog who leave a comment.

yoga pose wearing toe talk socks

Toe Talk Socks in Action

Here are a few of the selections, I like them all:

toe talk socks with inspiring saying on them

I can give away 7 pairs of Toe Talk socks and I want to share them with blog readers.

Here’s how to win:  Leave a comment on this blog post or my Facebook Page and tell us why you’re into kids yoga.  If you teach in schools, I’d also love to hear whether you do yoga with shoes (and socks) on or off.  Contest runs till sometime between Christmas and New Years when i get a chance to get back on my computer : )

I hope this will be a nice treat for 7 lucky people.

I have beautiful families by birth and marriage.  My family of kids yoga teachers is the one who really knows my language.

Peace to all, Light to all, Love to all.

Happy Solstice.

P.S.  If you just want to get yourself a pair of these cute socks, take advantage of the Mindful Monday Special and get $2.00 off a pair of “Be Mindful” socks using the code:  BeMindful

P.P.S. the winners of the Toe Talk Socks are:

  1. Gina
  2. Janet David
  3. Caroline
  4. Zaheeda
  5. Jessica Tyson
  6. Charlotte Connick Mayberry
  7. Tricia Londres (Facebook)

Thanks to everyone who left a comment.  I will be contacting the winners by email to arrange to have the socks mailed to you (contact me if you did not receive the email with spam filters and all, use the same email address you left the comment).  I also recommend the Toe Talk Facebook Page for their coupons and special deals.

Mindful Monday:  Save $2.00 on Be Mindful Socks on Monday Dec. 22, 2014

Mindful Monday: Save $2.00 on Be Mindful Socks on Monday Dec. 22, 2014

  1. Not sure when the giveaway ends. Would love to win a pair to do yoga anywhere. Thanks for the chance. I have taught Yoga since 2001 and currently am dealing with a neurological issue and don’t practice as much as I should. I have a resolution to do more in 2015 and also to teach my 4 year old daughter. I have taught yoga to kids as well and loved giving them new and exciting ideas to learn the poses through games and such.

  2. Namaste Yall!! Aruna, your blog provides a wonderful avenue for yoga teachers for children to “connect” all the while inspiring each other. The toe socks are a wonderful idea, the words of breath, mindfulness, and warriors of peace are all concepts we can teach our young yogis. As children’s yoga teachers, I feel that if we are teaching we should be living our practice of yoga. Together as we move into 2015, lets keep the inspiration going into and out of each other to practice, learn, and then give away our yoga to our children. Let’s “be the change” to grow into the Selves we are created to be; finding our talent and letting it shine with love and grace! Hey everyone watch the websites for young yoga masters and wild lotus yoga in New Orleans, because Aruna is coming to NOLA for a 10 day teacher training; come for a fantastic training on your way to RCYT! Love and Namaste, let’s live the practice together. Charlotte Connick Mabry, RYT, RCYT

  3. I am a school counsellor in a inner city school – I offer a 30 min yoga class every school day morning before school – it has been a wonderful addition to my work day this year. I had to put a limit on 20 kids per class – seems they like it as much as me :). Your socks would be amazing to win.

  4. I love doing yoga with both my boys. My youngest thinks it is so much fun, and my oldest loves that it makes him “feel really good afterward”. We always try to practice a little each day.
    I have done yoga with both shoes on and socks and shoes off. I have preferred bare feet, but I’ve also never thought to leave just socks on.

  5. Kids who do yoga learn how to use their breath to change how they are feeling. For example,deepening the breath to calm down and focus before a test.

  6. yoga is a great way to teach patience and help kids develop a growth mindset: that is, if they work hard at a pose they experience how they are getting better at the pose every time they try it.

  7. I taught my preschool students yoga and it really helped to pull them together during those crazy moments. They don’t understand “ground and center” but they can feel it! Now, I homeschool my own three and it helps us to recharge our bodies and spirits during the rough days and spread the love during the not-so-rough days! In my classroom, we wore socks and at home barefoot or socks in winter are fine. Thanks for the giveaway! Enjoy your holiday!!

  8. These socks are just adorable!!! I teach children between the ages of 18 months to 8 years. I get the children to remove their shoes but keep socks on. I prefer to teach bare feet but find if I walk into a class bare feet – my 20 little ones try to remove their socks as well!!! As a rule now, I always teach with my socks on.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  9. I teach kids yoga and would love socks to add to my props for teaching!
    But I really rather go barefoot all year long. In Northern Nova Scotia Canada that is impossible!

  10. ‘Sweet’ socks! Fab giveaway!…good luck to all…

    Teaching kids yoga is a wonder: full of joy, laughter, play! To share this practice with children brings me many more blessings than I’ll ever be able to share with the children in my classes. I am ever thankful.

    When teaching in schools, I do keep my socks on and ask the kids to do the same…too many yucky germs on the floor and I’ve unfortunately picked up (though not at school, but in studios!) infections in the past! Better safe, than sorry…! At home?…in my own studio…? Barefoot, baby!…

  11. These socks are sweet!
    I love teaching children’s yoga in a variety of settings.
    In the schools and preschools where I teach, I’m always in bare feet…most children keep their shoes on, some take them off.
    Right now the sweetest moment sharing yoga has been with my own children. I’m currently taking additional training and part of my program is meditation, I love how both my boys are now asking to do meditation before bed…they are 4 and 7…we share yoga nidra.

  12. Very cool. I took a children’s yoga training class with Shakta Khalsa. I do not teach yet but have aspirations to do so at some point. I have a four year old son that has been my star pupil and biggest inspiration.

  13. Those socks look absolutely wonderful! I love to teach kids yoga and I teach preschool, kindergarteners and first and second grades. I feel like every child should be taught yoga to learn how to connect with their best self. The world would be so much better if everyone practiced yoga! I teach in many schools and yhe locations are all different. Sometimes in shoes when we are outside on the asphalt with 50 kids. Sometimes in socks in a carpeted classroom. If the group is smaller, then I’m in bare feet with yoga mats. I would love to have those socks on those really cold days outside or in those freezing school gyms!

  14. I love teaching kids because as a teacher you always end up learning something new in every class. If only all adults took the life approach that children take. They are so innocent, full of life and love, and are genuine sweethearts! I also absolutely adore all of these socks and have terribly cold feet all the time!

  15. I teach children’s yoga to my grade 1 students as their DPA (daily physical activity) component and tie it to the Ontario curriculumn because it promotes mental clarity and the pursuit of physical fitness for students of varied fitness levels in a supportive, non competitive manner. We are all little yogis who have fun together and respect each other.

  16. I’m so happy and thankful for all the things I’ve been learning in my Kids Yoga training.

  17. I teach kids yoga because it’s fun, I feel young and playful with them. I teach them to be mindful and balance their energy. To teach them from chaos to calm, fun to fulfilled and free.
    My purpose for teaching kids is to start them young and develop a foundation for yoga to help them become stronger in mind, body & soul. It’s the best connection to yourself and always with you where you go.

    Namaste :om)

    Kind regards,

  18. I have just recently obtained my 200 YTT, and teach at a local studio. I am also a supply teacher and take every opportunity to do yoga stories with primary students or challenge senior students to some balancing poses to ground and calm them. I feel so blessed to finally be on my true path.

  19. I really enjoy getting your emails, thank you! I teach adult yoga currently but have wanted to become involved in teaching children 🙂

  20. Thank you for this article, and thank you in advance for theses fun socks! I enjoy your emails.

  21. Hi! I teach yoga to kids of many ages, but especially 2-9. It sets the groundwork for a positive relationship with your Self and gives kids the tools to reflect and honor themselves as they grow and face so many challenges. I wish all children could have access to yoga from a young age! I teach most classes without shoes (in schools, we keep socks on unless we’re doing Toe-ga, and in studios we take our socks off as well.) Namaste and Happy Holidays!

  22. I am just trying to learn Yoga myself searching for a better way to take care of me without meds:.. My Grandchildren watch and want to try so I enjoy trying to learn new things to involve them… I would love one day to be able to teach Yoga after I learn it for myself.

    Thanks for sharing on your site…

    I know I am not a teacher and not even a real Yogi just learning… But maybe you would share the socks with me… If not that is fine too…

    At home I pratice without shoes!

    Be blessed,


  23. These socks are a beautiful thing for the soul!

  24. Yoga for kids is a fabulous way to teach children how to change their perspective in a positive and mindulge way.

  25. Soo cute!

  26. I’m a school guidance counselor and use yoga with my students to calm their spirit.

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