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kids yoga camp picture of Aruna and Charlotte

Aruna and Charlotte (selfie) at Kids Yoga Camp

Today we have a super special guest reviewer.  Her name is Charlotte Marron and she’s reviewing Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste by Susanna Stratford.

Charlotte is 10 years old and has been doing yoga with Young Yoga Masters for about 3 years.  She’s a wonderful yogi and teacher, you’ll see in her book reviews.

Contest Over

Thanks to everyone who entered the Contest.  There were so many interesting comments on whether you say Namaste in kids yoga and how you explain it, or why you don’t use it.  As well as on our Facebook Page.

These comments are worth reading to see what real teachers do!

Congratulations to Susan Elaine Rose who left a comment on Facebook and was the random winner of  this book.

We were given a copy of this book for review purposes.

Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste

book cover of Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste

by Susanna Stratford

Review by Charlotte Marron

The book Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste is a book for children. I would say for three to eight-year-olds. The book is a move along book, meaning that the reader is supposed to do the poses while reading the book, which families can do with their children. With the great poses and activities children can spend hours learning the poses and having fun. This is a good book for parents and their kids, or daycares, Montessori schools even in the classrooms.

Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste is a way that all kids can stretch their growing bodies. With the move along format, people doing the yoga can go along on the amazing adventure with mama yoga and the story of Namaste. This is a great book to do as a family and for children just being introduced to yoga.

Take a Peek Inside Mama Yoga with Charlotte and Amy

Thanks for that review Charlotte.

So, what’s 13 years old with a great memory?  A 10 year old and a 3 year old with an iPad. The girls did the video all on their own!  We’re impressed. It’s amazing what kids can do when given the right tools.

We Like Mama Yoga Too!

Here’s what I liked about the book:

  • the use of real photos as well as drawings especially because many kids with Autism prefer real photos,
  • the variety of poses for kids to try at the end of the book,
  • the book can help a teacher introduce “Namaste” to their class

Consider getting this book for someone special for the holidays, especially junior school age children.  Plus you’ll  support a yoga teacher and self publishing author with a sweet yoga idea.

Get the Book Here

You can also enter the contest for a chance to win.

Enter the Contest by Leaving a Comment

This contest is over – congratulations to Susan Elaine Rose who left a comment on Facebook and was randomly selected as the winner.

We have one copy to give away to one reader who leaves a comment on this post and/or the Facebook Page.

Do you say Namaste to kids?  Please add to the comment on whether you say Namaste in kids yoga and how you explain it, or why you don’t use it.  Even thought the contest is closed there are very interesting insights there.

Contest closed Monday Dec. 1, 2014.

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  1. Thanks to everyone for sharing their insights! It was wonderful to hear what everyone does with such a beautiful word.

    The winner of the contest was announced on the blog and posted her comment on Facebook.

    Thanks again for sharing your wisdom.

  2. I love seeing kids enjoy yoga. It makes me realize that these kids will be able to deal with their physical and mental wellness especially as they age. Thanks for sharing this post Aruna! 🙂

  3. We teach Namaste, sometimes it is a challenge. We teach it as the light in you is the same as the light in me. And we honor you.

  4. I do say Namaste. With little ones I explain them to them that it means thank you. With the older ones I explain what it means. the light inside of me honors the light inside of you. If kids ask about “light” I say it is the love inside us.

  5. I do say Namaste with the kids after class. I tell them it is like saying a thank you to each other and to ourselves. We also talk about the meaning of “Om”.

  6. My kids have actually inquired as to what Namaste means….I’ve told them “it’s kind of like Aloha” or “Shalom”….hello, goodbye, how are you, be well, peace be with you, etc…….

  7. Namaste = Respect in all forms. A greeting, a bow with a kind heat that shows we are all equal. The kids I teach say Namaste at the beginning and at the end of class. There is a sense of peace and comfort in seeing their effort to respect each other and themselves. Namaste.

  8. I love reading how others explain Namaste. I use the word in my 4+year old class…the love remembering the word at the end of class & they often like saying the meaning before I say it. I especially like how one person uses the word “awesomeness”in the explanation! The book sounds amazing to use with my little people 🙂

  9. We always say “Namaste” at the end of the class. I explain “the spirit it me honours the same spirit in you when we are together we are but one.” However, we have come up with “You’re awesome, I’m awesome and together we are totally awesome.”

  10. I end my kids classes for all ages in the same way.
    I explain the basic meaning of the sanskrit word and with eyes closed, hands in prayer position, nose to finger tips the kids repeat after me.

    I feel good in every way
    The goodness in me, sees the goodness in you

  11. Thanks for your awesome resources! I use the yoga alphabet all the time, and might purchase Yoga Man. I do use Namaste at the end of my kids yoga sessions (ages 6-10). I include the gesture of bowing and I sometimes explain it as symbolizing that we are all equal and that when we bow and say namaste, we show that we all care about eachother.

  12. Always looking for unique materials for my preschoolers.
    I always end class with namaste.

  13. I teach Yoga for Kids and we always end our class with peace, peace, peace, Namaste.
    Often I will say “The light in me sees the light in you.”
    I would love to win this book.

  14. I use it at the end of my kids’ yoga classes because I think it’s wonderful to have just a single word to summarize such an inspiring message: all that is good and wonderful in me sees and appreciates all that is good and wonderful in you. Namaste!

  15. I have yet to teach my students yoga, but I plan on teaching namaste as well as poses. I have to be careful about teaching anything religious (we are a non-denominational outreach program), but I will explain how it means, “I can see how awesome you are!” They should pick up on that just fine.

  16. Hello,

    I wanted to share that I close class with Namaste, often – if I feel the group will “get it” – 4-5 yo and up. I tell the kids that at the end of yoga we sit criss cross in a circle, put our hands palm to palm by our hearts and say “namaste”, “which means that all the good and light in me sees and knows all the good and light in you”.

    Sometimes they ask what is the good and light….and I explain that it is all of our good thoughts and feelings like: love, happiness, thankfulness, kindness, silliness, laughter, understanding, caring, etc….

    It works;-)

  17. For me, the inclusion of namaste is dependent on the age of my group. For younger (toddlers) I tend to leave it out and for my preschoolers I often add it in with the explanation of the meaning as all the things that make me, me is happy for all the things that makes you, you. For school age and beyond, my explanation is the same as I was taught, the spirit in me honours the spirit in you.
    Namaste! 🙂

  18. Yes, I end my classes with Namaste, and would love to use this book in one of my stretching with story book classes.

  19. Fantastic; the early steps into self confidence, empowered minds and strong bodies!

  20. I also use Namaste in my kids yoga classes.
    We talk about how there are several ways to use
    Namaste as hello or goodby but that its true meaning
    Lies in reminding us that we are all connected and equal. There
    Is some thing really powerful as a teacher communicating
    To a child “the light in me, honors the light in you.” It reminds both
    Teacher and student, child and adult that we are here together
    To learn from each other, to grow together and to honor each other in the process.
    I allow the kids to explain in there own words what namaste means and
    When we end class by saying namaste to each other, they know our class
    Is finished and complete.
    Thanks for your insightful newsletters and for sharing
    Your love and knowledge of kids yoga with us!

  21. I do yoga with my day care kindergarten class, and I do teach them what Namaste means. We say “I honour myself and I honour you.” Charlotte and Amy did a fantastic job reviewing the book. So sweet! I would love to have the book!

  22. I work in elementary schools through Yoga 4 Classrooms and I explain Namaste to mean, “I honour myself and I honour you,”

  23. Yes, I do use now must day at the end of my kids yoga classes. The ages are 7 to 12 years old. I have explained to them that not my stay means ‘The light within me salute the light within you’ or ‘my soul sees your soul’. I sense that at this age group they do get it.

    • Sorry for the auto spell error. Meant to have ‘namaste’ up there instead of now must day or not my stay lol

  24. What a great looking book! I work with young preschool and Prek special needs children and this book would be a great introduction at the start of the school year. The visuals along with the pictures can help children visualize each pose. At the end of each of my practices I teach the children to say “Namaste. The light in me sees the light in you.” It closes the practice but I honestly do not think they understand fully what it means. I have not broken it down because I am not quite sure the best way to teach little ones the meaning. I feel ” the light inside of me sees the light inside of you” is all they need. I would love to learn more and would love e book!

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