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Your Chance to Win: Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters

A special Halloween Pumpkin with Yoga Poses

A special Halloween Pumpkin with Yoga Poses

The Night Before Yoga…

Twas the 31st of October
When ghouls and goblins came out to play
And kids of all ages
Saw a unique pumpkin on display.yummi yogi cookie cutters in yoga pose shapes

“Hey look,” said one kid
“A yoga pumpkin!” he’d shout
The pumpkin was lit
With five yoga poses cut out.

“I know that pose,” said a child
Putting foot ‘neath his knee
And smiled to his friends
As he posed like a tree.

One by one they all came
Groups of many and few
Dressed as zombies and princesses
Doing warrior two.

They laughed doing down dog,
Crescent lunged gracefully,
Some challenged their friends
To try warrior three.

yummi yogi yoga gifts for kids and teachers

Love these adorable yoga pose cookie ornaments!

Yoga is fun,
Kids do what they see
And these crafty shapes
Get them started easily.

Using cookie cutters as stencils
We traced out each yogi
Cut them out with a knife
And let the kids tell their story!

So try it for yourself
Teach kids without them knowing
We’ll see you next year
With your yoga pumpkin glowing!!


Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters

At Young Yoga Masters, we’re always looking for fun ways to teach kids about yoga.  We were given samples of cookie cutters to review from yummi yogi just before Halloween and thought we would try making a yoga pumpkin.

We used the cookie cutters as a stencil and cut out the shapes with a knife. It turned out to be very easy and the pumpkin looked great! (Just watch the video!) We were excited to see that a lot of kids recognized the poses and gave them a try. We liked the way the shapes turned out.


We also like that the yummi yogi cookie cutters are so strong and versatile that you could use them for multiple purposes.  We can’t wait to try making Christmas cookies and holiday decorations with them.  Some ideas we’d like to try out: tree ornaments, gift tags, candle moulds, wrapping paper designs, and more holiday cookies (of course!).

There’s more fun ideas on their website:

Contest Closed – Winner Announcement Coming Soon!

We were given one complete set of 5 yummi yogi cookie cutters to give to one person in our giveaway.

Please leave a comment and tell us where you like to do yoga.

You can also leave a comment on our Facebook Page for an extra entry.   We’d love it if you like our page while you are there.

One person will be randomly selected from the comments on Monday November 24/14 when the contest closes.  I hope to ship the cutters to you before you start your holiday baking.


yummi yogi cookie cutters great gifts for kids and teachers for yoga

One complete set of cutters (seen here) is ready to be won by one lucky person who leaves a comment.

Stay tuned for more holiday giveaways coming!

This contest is closed.

Congratulations to Pamela for leaving a comment and being randomly chosen for this prize.

Young Yoga Masters has contacted Pamela about her prize.

  1. Yoga inspires, grounds, focuses, drives, revives, calms, soothes, rejuvenates and heals! Yoga with children is a life-long gift for the student and the teacher.

  2. I practice yoga wherever I am when the need/mood strikes! At home, at a rest stop, in a park, in the airport, at the office, at friends’ homes; with friends, with adolescent boys; alone. I love yoga and I would love these cookie cutters to engage the youth I work with….and to spread some yoga fun to all! 🙂

  3. I love to do yoga at the schools and at especially at the beach. These 5 amazing cookie cutters would be a fantastic way to give some kids something yummy over the holidays and bro mention be used all year round as fun snacks! These would definitely be a great gift I can use and share with some of the other kids teachers I am working with.

    Would really love to win these! 🙂

  4. mmmmmm I just bought ginger cookies today, starting to feel that spicy holiday feeling!

  5. I think these cookie cutters look fantastic! – really perfect for holiday baking with the kids……I love to do yoga in my PJ’s with my kids in front of the fire!!!!


  6. Fantastic idea! I just love this! I think I would like to try to incorporate them into my next class!

  7. I love to do yoga when sharing it with the kids I teach at daycare, or while playing with my own sweet kids and best of all when I have a quiet moment wherever I am. Home, outside or at a studio.

  8. Yes, please. I do yoga everywhere: while I walk the dogs, gas up the car and at the studio. My fave place is on the deck at the cabin in summer.

    You’d think that I had a set of these already. Nope. Thanks for the fun giveaway in time for the holidays.

  9. Love the cookie cutters!

  10. I do yoga wherever I am: home, studio or hotel room.

  11. I do yoga whereve I have space! I also share it with my kindergarten class, they love it!

  12. Love these! I’m all about doing yoga everywhere I can….deep breathing in my car when I’m feeling rushed, as I’m feeling a parenting challenge coming on, in moments where I know I need to de-stress.

  13. I love yoga. Started doing yoga a few months ago and I wish I have started years and years ago. For now I am doing yoga in my living room and I hope soon I will be able to do yoga on the beach, in the forest, in the mountain.
    I love making cookies as well and these cookie cutters are great!

  14. I do Yoga at Moksha Etobicoke on the Queensway. I love re learning how to focus on just me and my body. Having trouble with my knee lately but it will work out. I have a kindergarten student who does Yoga during outdoor playtime.

  15. The cookie cutters look great – my kids will love to do yoga in the kitchen while baking!

  16. Those cookie cutters are amazing! I love to do yoga with kids most of all..they have so much joy to share:-)

  17. I want these cookie cutters….they are fab! Thanks so much for such inspirational ideas.

  18. We love doing kid’s yoga at Om Baby Pregnancy & Parenting Center in Camp Hill, PA!

  19. thanks for your comments everyone. I’m enjoying seeing all these great places to do yoga and all the ideas for using the yummi yogi cookie cutters.

    You can also get an extra entry by commenting on the Facebook page:

  20. Thank you for sharing these awesome cookie cutters! I am always living my yoga everyday and everywhere as it is not only a physical practice for me. If I had to pick a favorite place I would say at a serene small lake where I spent a lot of time as a child. Sitting on the dock in stillness.

  21. I love to do yoga and meditate in nature.

  22. One more reason why Yoga is for every body

  23. These cookie cutters are so cute! I love trying out studios all over town but primarily teach at the University I work at.

  24. These cookie cutters are awesome!
    I practice yoga everywhere…anywhere that allows me the space to breathe, move and be one with my surroundings – whether it is at home, at a yoga studio, outside or at my desk. Yoga follows me throughout my day as soon as I wake up.

    Thank you 🙂

  25. I mostly like to do yoga where I began doing yoga – in my teacher’s studio – and even though I am a certified yoga teacher now (children and grown ups) , there is something about being in that environment where I discovered yoga for the 1st time over 10 years ago, that has a certain vibe about it.
    Where it is only me and my body and the gentleness’ towards’ them both..

  26. Anyway to engage children in the practice of yoga so that they may begin to understand and experience the benefits available to them is such a blessing. What better way than cookies, crafts and fun. This is the language of children’s yoga. Thank you for sharing the sets with us so that we can share them with the children that we work with. I don’t know… a warrior cookie- I don’t think it gets much better than that 🙂 Strength, balance, power and yumminess.

  27. Although I practice daily, every year I look forward to taking my yoga practice to the Bahamas. My mind and body are completely at peace here. Just the soothing colours of a turquoise ocean nestled against white sand and a clear blue sky. No distractions. Simply me, my mat, the sun, the calming ocean waves, an occasional gull. Pure Peace! Namaste.

  28. I love these cookie cutters!
    I love Yoga!
    Yoga is part of my daily life, on and off the mat.
    Yoga helps me increase strength, patience, balance and so much more.
    I would love to share yoga cookies with my own children, and also make ornaments for the at-risk children I teach in schools.
    What a wonderful idea!
    Thank you, yummiest yogi.

  29. I do yoga everywhere-while driving in heavy traffic,when waiting for an appointment,while out side no matter what the weather. Explaining to kids how they can call on their yoga knowledge when encountering a tough or challenging situation or when they just want to relax or focus is helpful so that they realize that yoga is not just on the mat.

  30. Yoga !!! I do yoga everywhere , with my students , with my friends , in the woods , by the beach , in the grocery store line, at the car repair place … everywhere !! These cookie cutters would be so wonderful for the little treats that I love to share with my students !!

  31. We do yoga everywhere! Outside is our favorite, while out hiking in nature. Kids classes at the studio in our little hometown where I teach.

  32. These would be great! We could make them as, cookies, or clay ornaments, and use then as our “belly buddies” so the kids could watch them move as their bellies rise and fall. And if they were cookies, of course we could eat them after class. 🙂

  33. I would use these to make clay ornaments w my at risk youth and children students

  34. As a full time yoga teacher I use baking as my personal form of relaxation
    I would use these adorable cookie cutters to make clay ornaments for my at-risk youth and children students to decorate

  35. I teach kids classes and would love these to make some cookies for the kids before we wrap up for the Christmas break. I do yoga wherever I can….breathing exercises in the car, balance poses while I brush my teeth, work, home….wherever I can fit it in in addition to the classes I take as a student.

  36. I love these ornaments! I teach a kids yoga class and I would love to make cookies for my kids with these wonderful ornaments!! They would love them!! : )

  37. These are the cutest cookie cutters! I would use these to make homemade Christmas ornaments for the tree this year or homemade dog treats for my spoiled puppy! Oh, and I like to do yoga everywhere! 🙂 I hope all is well xo

  38. Would love to make some gluten-free and dairy-free cookies with these beauties! Could make some great new years resolution oatmeal power bars with these too – great inspiration!

  39. I do yoga at school with after school classes.

  40. I like to do yoga while I’m standing waiting for the bus. It’s a great way to start and end a busy day at work.

  41. I love to practice yoga in my car especially in traffic… Deep breathing and mantras… It calms me down and makes this time more enjoyable

  42. I love to do yoga in my kitchen while I’m cooking and the family room 🙂
    Mostly standing poses in the kitchen where I can use the counter for balance while doing tree and warrior poses. I hardly sit on the couch and prefer to do yoga on the floor when watching tv.

    Thank you 🙂

  43. I love to do yoga on an airplane. I am a nervous flyer and I find yoga breathing helps me live in the moment and face my anxiety. I also find that doing chair yoga asanas helps my body to feel good during a long flight.

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