Students make up their own classes in Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Children’s Yoga Summer Activities

Legend has it that Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, would inspire and direct everyone at original Summer Solstice gatherings to write and sing songs .  Having composed and practiced their creations the musical students would take the stage and perform live for those in attendance and for Yogi Bhajan.  I myself attended some of the later Solstice gatherings and left the events with pockets stuffed with cassette tapes.  The songs from those events are so catchy that though I still own the original cassettes I have gone on to buy the professionally produced versions on on cassette, DVD, and downloadable digital formats.

This rich body of music is part of why people love Kundalini Yoga so much.

I’ve been to other retreats where students  put on all kinds of performances for their teacher.  It was always one of the highlights of the event and a time when the teacher sees how the students interpret the teachings.  Some people think yoga retreats are hard, but in my experience they’re very uplifting and creative.  For me they’re like Summer Camp for adults.

Activities for Kids Yoga

It’s helpful to look at what the Master Teachers did with their students.  The teacher gives guidelines then sends the students off to experience the teachings for themselves. Whether its something simple like explaining a yoga pose then having everyone do it, or more complex like writing songs at Summer Solstice.

I take ideas from the Master’s Play Book.  In my Kids Yoga Teacher Training course there is always a part of the course where the teachers take what they’ve learned and create their own kids yoga classes. Then they teach it to me and the rest of the group.  On the feedback forms, many write that this is their favorite part of the course.

You may want to try it too if you teach kids yoga, whether its in a yoga camp or in your own living room.  Make Creativity an activity. Give children the assignment to write their own songs, poems, or skits.  Then let them show you what they’ve done.

It just may be the highlight of their summer and yours.

My Favorite Yoga Album of the Summer

“I don’t mind what happens, whatever happens I don’t mind.
I don’t mind what happens, whatever happens I’ll be fine.”
– lyrics from I Don’t Mind song by Harnam Singh
from the album Love Infinite Divine.

I still love to listen to  music!  I recently downloaded an album, Love Infinite Divine, and have been playing over and over at home. It’s music that came out of the Kundalini Yoga tradition that is living strong even though Yogi Bhajan passed on many years ago.

What kind of things have you learned from Master Teachers that you make a point to do in your classes?

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