A teacher is like a forklift, Yogi Bhajan said, you have to meet the students where they are at, and only then can you lift them up. This is the first point in these videos to Teach Yoga Kids Love.

Teach Yoga Kids Love is the name of the 30 minute presentation we did for over a hundred people at they Yoga Show in Toronto. Join Janet Williams of Children’sYogaBooks.com and Aruna Kathy Humphrys (me) in these videos, for three tips for teaching yoga kids love.

Teach Yoga Kids Love

Warning:  I’m no Stephen Spielberg, I edited these myself.  But I think they will be helpful for anyone who wants to see what it is like to teach kids.  There are kids and parents in the audience. You’ll see:

  • A classroom management activity,
  • yoga poses for kids,
  • a yoga game for kids and how to turn that games into a teaching opportunity,
  • much of teaching kids is having the right tone as a teacher, a tone that tells kids that you are in charge of the class (but you’re a loving and kind leader).  take a look at the tone of two experienced kids yoga teachers.

The first video is cut down to just a few highlights.

After this class, I tried out the new Volcano move I learned from Janet and it was a hit in my kids classes!

This second video is the longer version for people who really want to see how kids classes are taught. It has more poses and activities.  We had some technical difficulties during the recording so we didn’t get the whole presentation.  But you’ll definitely get the idea.

There’s a sweet girl at around the 2:20 minute mark of this video that shows what real kids are like.

Did you see it?

Let me know how you liked the videos, do you give them a thumbs up? I’d love to know your tip to Teach Yoga Kids Love.

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You’ll be glad you did it!

  1. Aruna & Janet,
    Even though I couldn’t make it to the Yoga Show I certainly felt I was there in spirit. Your videos were wonderful. You both are a great source of inspiration. The 3 essential tips you mentioned were reinforced in my mind after I listened to the videos & I continue to use them in my Family Yoga classes.
    till the next time. I will definitely use the Volcano pose in my next Yoga class coming up in 2 weeks.