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Character Development – Empathy

All humans are soft wired with mirror neurons…we’re soft wired to experience another’s plight as if we’re experiencing it ourself. These stages of development in children help us understand what empathy is, and how to teach it in kids yoga class.

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New Standards in Kids Yoga Teacher Training

According to the brand new childrens yoga standards introduced by Yoga Alliance in the USA 95 hours of kids yoga training is now required. Do you agree or disagree, or do you even care since its not a government regulation anyway? What kind of training works?

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New Kids Yoga: Yoga Man vs. The Stressor

We’ve got to be strategic to get kids attention for yoga or they won’t participate. This new Training gets kids doing yoga and playing games that they love.

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Kids Yoga

Hi Aruna, I am going to teach a 12 year old special needs boy some yoga. He has fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). He used to play soccer so he seems to have balance, coordination, etc. He has some sensory integration issues, like he doesn’t care if his pants are twisted around his waist. Any suggestions on yoga poses? Breath work? I thought about starting with chair yoga, but think that since he played soccer, maybe just work on the mat.

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3 Resources for Bringing Yoga into Schools

Here are three effective resources to fuel anyone’s passion for bringing yoga into the classroom, lunchroom, or gymnasium. Know who to approach at the school: Depending on the atmosphere at your school you may want to approach from a few directions to get yoga into a school.  This article, based on an interview I did with a school Vice Principal (soon to be Principal) will give you tons of ideas for approaching department heads, parent advisory boards, and principals:  How

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