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Contest: Win “Seven Spirals, A Chakra Sutra for Kids”

It seems like a perfect time for a contest, leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a copy of this beautiful book I’m going to review today. Mushroom Hollow Press sent me two free copies of this book, one to review and one to give away, but other than this, I’m not an affiliate of this product.  Contest closes Sunday, December 6/09 at midnight so leave a comment for a chance to win. Illustration for the

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Imagination: Creates and Destroys

Sand Sculptures at the Canadian National Exhibition, 2009 One day a bunch of us, adults and kids, were hanging out for a bit after yoga class.  As the kids played I divulged that soon I’ll be lying on the beach for a week’s holidays.  I mimed building sand castles and swimming in the ocean and my three year old friend who was listening started to pretend to play in the sand along with me. As the adults talked she built

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Character Development Theme: Empathy

Roots of Empathy Program in Schools ( In my city, school teachers have been given a monthly theme to teach in the classroom. The Toronto District School Board calls it Character Development. So I went to the Yoga In My School specialist – Donna Freeman for some insight into the monthly themes. Thanks to Donna for this monthly series on Character Development.) Character Development Theme:  Empathy The dictionary definition of empathy is the capability to share, understand and be sensitive

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Yoga, Obesity, and Weight Loss

Promoting Yoga as a Lifestyle Yoga has many role models from fat happy Buddha’s to skinny contortionists, although one of my pet peeves is that everyone in the yoga magazines leans towards the later.  As someone who thought about weight a lot, especially as a teen, I found this info on Obesity from the Vitality and Stress course very interesting. A person’s weight can affect their stress and their stress affects their body weight.  We know childhood obesity is a

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Medical study – Yoga Helps Some Kids with ADHD

This week I’m taking a sixty hour Yoga Teacher Training called Vitality and Stress, learning all different aspects and qualities of stress. My favorite so far has been examining our “stress monster” personality. Sounds like something that could work in kids yoga – don’t you think? Here’s an intersting article and video on how yoga helps relieve stress, balance cortisol levels, and create a better state of mental health. About half way through you’ll find this: “A German study found that yoga was

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