Kids Yoga Teacher Trainers
September 2009

A lot of people find my blog because they’re asking “How to teach Kids Yoga.” It’s what most of the people in my teacher training courses want to know and it is an important query.

The query reminds me of a saying about teaching that was emphasized when I became a yoga teacher,

If you want to learn something, read it.
If you want to know something, write it.
If you want to MASTER something, Teach it!
Yogi Bhajan

This sentiment is echoed by many a great teacher. My Mentor Tulshi Sen, pushes this a step further: teach what you’ve learned within twenty four hours!

The challenge faced by those taking teacher training courses and searching for articles is to actually start putting what they are learning to use. In this case I agree with the old adage: Use It or Lose It! I’ve spent many hours reading articles filled with great info that I now have no recollection of; because I didn’t put them to use.

I love training people who are raring to go and use what they learn. The person who has a class booked and feels the urgency of it! The person who is going to start a class in a studio! The school or daycare teacher who is going to add 15 minutes of yoga a day in her class! And what about the person who will volunteer somewhere to get experience? Now that impresses me.

Yes, it will be hard and you face a big uphill learning curve but you are on the path to Mastery.
Everyone starts out a beginner – in a sport, in a career, as a teacher.

So sometimes people ask how to teach kids yoga even though they have 10 books on the subject and have already taken hours of training but have never actually taught kids. I feel like saying: How do you teach kids yoga? Find some kids and teach them yoga.

I know that’s not very compassionate of me, but come on people! If you are not willing to take that step, then you’re just learning about kids yoga, you won’t be a kids yoga teacher. Ultimately the choice is yours, will you do it or will you just read about it and study it?

It doesn’t matter if it’s one child in your living room or a class of 100 kids – to teach kids yoga you have to teach kids yoga.

I was super-energized after our course, but we know that energy will dissipate if it is not directed. So I’m being a bit pushy here because I know every one of the people that took my course last weekend has what they need to go and teach kids yoga. But not if they don’t push themselves a little further now and use what they learned:

  1. Find somewhere to teach kids yoga, or
  2. If you already teach kids yoga but its not the way you want to teach it, start teaching themes that do excite you.

Go forth and teach! OK, enough said.

Next post: I’ll tell you a couple of questions I was asked during the teacher training course that stuck with me.

Aruna Kathy Humphrys
[email protected]
©  K. Humphrys

P.S. Where was your first class? Where can a new teacher get experience? Please share what you know or what you plan to do.

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  1. My first class (about 10 years ago) I was paid $22 to teach 15 kids in an after school program at my friends kids school. Although I didn't know what I was doing, it showed me what I needed to learn. I never stopped teaching kids while I got trained.