Yoga for Boys at Georgian Bay, Canada


Hello Dear Friends,

I’m back from glorious week in Northern Ontario, yes sometimes known as the Great White North, but this time it was all blues skies and purple sunsets! Summer at it’s best.
Get ready for a few new pictures of the kids doing yoga in the pristine setting of Georgian Bay. I’ve got a couple projects that I want to introduce in the fall to come to the aid of all the new teachers I’m hearing from. And a few ideas to spice up the lesson plans of some of the seasoned teachers too!
In the meantime here’s a few items you may be interested in:

  • is running a Back to School series. Thanks to Heather for inviting me to write this Children’s Yoga feature: 5 Tools for Healthy, Happy School Kids. I think these tips also apply to adults too, especially all those teachers out there doing one of the hardest jobs on the planet – teaching large classrooms everyday! We’ve got to use all the tools we can to make learning a beautiful experience. 
  • Free Tele-seminar withTulshi Sen this Thursday:
    I have studied how meditation can be used for business development with my mentor, Tulshi Sen, for many years and he is a great inspiration for anyone wanting to break out of a rut or move things to a new level. I would not have had the guts to start this blog or develop my own unique training program, if it wasn’t for his remarkable ability to awaken the confidence in each of us to “Go for it!”This is why I think this free tele-seminar would be powerful to anyone wanting to develop their mindset to be a great teacher, an entrepreneur, or a lover of life. Whatever you want!
    Tele-Seminar Topic: Part 1 – You Cannot Raise Yourself Above Your Belief Level
    Date: Thursday, August 20th, 2009, Time: 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time (10 pm Eastern Standard Time)
    Dial in Phone Number: 1-218-862-1300, Conference Code: 302937

    This tele-seminar is in preparation for two upcoming seminars with Tulshi Sen: Raise Your Belief Level with the Master Key for Success Seminars
    Vancouver, September 19th,
    Toronto, November 21st,

    Mark your calendar if you can make it to either of these. I’m hoping to make a trip out to Vancouver for September so I can attend both. This is my idea of a great retreat/holiday!


  • The fall Kids Yoga Teacher Training has been scheduled and is now open for registration. The course is being held in Toronto, Canada on September 26 – 27. All the details are here. The space is limited to around 20 people, so register early to reserve your spot.
Thanks to everyone who has submitted questions, I will be answering them in the coming posts.
Yours truly,
Aruna Kathy Humphrys
© K. Humphrys

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