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I Can Do Yoga – I’m A Super Hero!

Kids Yoga DVD Contest On Well this is my last contest of 2008 so I hope everyone has a chance to leave a comment to win this fun DVD that I think would make a good kids gift. I Can Do Yoga Level 1 is given for kids age six and up and so I played it in the daycare I teach at a few weeks ago. This class has about fifteen 6 – 9 year old kids in the

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Kids Yoga: I Can Do Yoga DVD Winner

I Can Do Yoga DVD Thanks to everyone for your comments on the Kids Yoga DVD. It is great to hear from other teachers out there. Newer teachers can benefit from hearing from the experienced teachers – especially how much everyone lets the kids set the pace for the class. This saves a lot of trouble. Teaching Kids by Reading the Situation This week I went back to the daycare I told you about in my last post. I had

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I Can Do Yoga – Beginners DVD Contest

“Beginner’s Level – for Children Just Starting to Learn Yoga” This award winning Children’s Yoga DVD is packed with children’s yoga poses. If you aren’t sure how kids do yoga it will give you a look at just what kids can do. A Word of Caution: Use with supervision and good Padding! Although this DVD says it is for Beginners from ages 3 to 8 years old, I have a word of caution: some of the poses may take a

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Kids Helping Kids with Yoga Testimonials & DVD Contest

Pictures from the “I Can Do Yoga” website. Sometimes things work out so nicely! This post is about how I got the kids to write my blog for me, had more time for work, learned something about getting testimonials , and discovered a couple Kids Yoga DVD’s that were a hit as well. Getting Free Stuff by Blogging – Who knew! When I started blogging I discovered that people sometimes send products to me to review. It has given me

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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Last weekend was the Teaching Kids Yoga training and it was a fun and full event. We packed in a lot and covered the whole Six week curriculum. Everyone has kids yoga, stories, games, and ideas for teaching kids in their classes. My only regret was I didn’t bring my still camera so I could post a picture. But my partner was there and he videotaped most of the weekend so stay tuned for some footage. I have about 12

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