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One Question We All Ask

one question we all ask

Who am I? I’ve been encouraging everyone to do some market research before preparing your marketing plan, especially if you want to get more classes teaching kids yoga. If you have a good idea of WHO your customer is it will help you with your copy for your website and your posters. Market research is asking your customer: Who are You? What Happens When You Ask: Who am I? With kids, this question can get everyone’s attention and add some

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Make a Good First Impression On the Phone

tips for making an impression on the phone

Building Yoga Classes in Daycares Lets keep going with spreading kids yoga. When calling daycares or studios for market research put some thought into your first impression. First, Try to Reach a Real Person – not their Machine I suggest calling at a time when you can actually speak to a manager or director rather than leaving a message. See some tips about Daycare Schedules here. Be Prepared with What You Want to Say Big companies prepare scripts because they

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When to Set Up Info Interviews for Market Research in Daycares

Scheduling Information Interviews

Teaching Kids Yoga in a Daycare One of my favourite places to teach kids yoga is in a daycare because: you can go in weekly for the whole school year – it’s a regular gig you get paid by the daycare so you don’t have to do registration or advertise there are a lot of kids there, so you get to teach a lot of kids! For those who are considering teaching yoga in a daycare setting – let’s start

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Vital Questions to Ask at Interviews

Vital Questions to Ask at Interviews

Hi everyone, I’ve been posting about how to get jobs teaching kids yoga in daycares and other venues. Start by doing market research to help you get information for your promotional material and to network in the field. You’ll also save yourself time if you find there really is no market in your area, maybe everyone thinks yoga is to strange and you have to position your classes and playful stretching or movement classes. As you build your Information Interview

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Getting Ready to Survey your Market: Writing your Info Interview Survey

Getting ready to survey your market: writing your interview survey

“Could I Get Your Advice?” Have you ever noticed people love to give advice? It is flattering to be asked an opinion, especially if it’s considered more valuable because of your expertise. In the business world one way of getting an expert’s advice is an Information Interview where you can get: advice on a new field before you enter it inside information on trends in the market best practices, details, and facts from someone in the field An Information Interview

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