X Marks the Spot

8 marks the spot

I chant this in yoga class to: – Get kids attention – Help kids stay focused when holding a pose – Have fun! If the class is getting loud, I start to say the poem with one child who is sitting quietly. I draw it on the child’s back (and head – for the egg). Pretty soon all the children will be asking for a turn. I don’t answer them until I am finished the poem, and then I tell

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Transform Your Mood With Yoga!

transform your mood with yoga

Transform Your Mood with Yoga- We all have times when we are not quite feeling ourselves, a little unfocused, grumpy, or just plain feeling off. Maybe we start snapping at people. Or we just can’t seem to follow along with the crowd or do what we’re “supposed” to be doing. Try this yoga pose whenever you want to get back on track to feel better about yourself and the world around you. The Sitting Forward Bend This is a magnificent

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A Priceless Treasure

a priceless treasure

To Get Kids Attention In the year 2003 I found a valuable treasure while teaching kids yoga. It was a few minutes before ten a.m. when I came into the daycare and the energy was high. The kids were sitting in their little chairs finishing snack, crumbs spread over floors and faces. Seeing me, the teachers gave the kids a 3 minute warning and started one of the many clean ups of the day. I had no idea I was

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Yoga Props for Juniors

yoga props for juniors

Proven Props Props have a beautiful way of getting kids attention and are helpful when starting a new class, near the end of the school year when it may feel like you’ve done everything there is to do, or just when you want to have some fun. I have used many different props, simple to extravagant, and my favorites tend to change based on what I am doing on my personal journey. But there are a few that I use

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Getting Kids Attention

getting kids attention

The Main Ingredient Getting the attention of kids can be hard at times. You go into a classroom or studio and the kids would rather talk to each other than listen to the teacher. Or maybe they sit at home playing video games, not even answering, let alone stopping the game to do yoga with you. To make it more challenging, once you have their attention, who knows how long you will keep it. So when faced with this challenge,

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Advertising Kids Yoga Classes

advertising kids yoga classes

Is Your Advertising Working? Without effective advertising its hard to get a studio yoga class going, even though you know it will be a great class. If you are thinking of teaching a kids yoga class, your advertising can make a big difference in the success of your program. When people read advertising they want to find out what they will get out of the class. What are the benefits of the class? What is in it for them? And

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